Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Vintage Bottles

Old Bottles. So drawn to them. Milky and Cloudy insides. Chipped rims. Distorted colors of green, blue and them all. Love them plain, arranged in a group, or artfully staged as three in a row atop a bathroom window sill.
They can be found at a variety of American and European flea markets, but then the magic happens:

We love those with wax tops serving as miniature windows into a whimsical story...
and a hanging scrolled verse:

*Pearls of Wisdom {starts out "The Wisdom to accept myself, The Wisdom to know that all living creatures are equally important, The Wisdom to find something to learn in all mistakes...."; small $41; large $54}
*Wish Crystals {$44}
*Giggle Dust {$40}

We esp. love those that celebrate the love of an animal... *Dog Gone to Heaven (shows dog with wings and an angel standing by) {$62}
*Giggle Ball {$39}
*Remember Kindness (celebrating animal rescue) {$64}

We love those that have vintage-inspired Parisian labels {$24-48}:

And we love those with a religious edge:

Add a piece of history to your collection today.
{Click on any photo to enlarge and then contact us with your wish list: or 323.932.0451}


Anonymous said...

Nice-sweet, very, very nice!
So poetic!

Anonymous said...

I definately want 3 of the small metal cross ones, a few of the Paris label ones and would like to talk about a larger order for the pearls of wisdom for some clients. Kathy, I will email you but if you get this here please contact me. I lvoe these! Meg