Saturday, May 31, 2008

Paris Indulgence v1

My favorite florist in the 7th Arrondissement, Paris...
One of the first stops upon landing...
Catch up with owner Danny....Load up on flowers ...
White lush peonies atop bathroom sink.
Moss w/white roses display on window sills.
Pink and white rose & hydrangea arrangement near television.
Indulgences one shouldn't live without when travelling.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Blind Shopping

(click to enlarge and see all items)

We have a client in Georgia whom we'll call "B". B doesn't have access to a computer or internet or email. This does not deter B....she shops with us monthly (sometimes bi-monthly) via the phone and asks us to pick out things in the theme she describes on that partic day. Her orders always start with a vintage French tea towel and go from there. Today:

B: "I have a budget of $300 inclusive of shipping costs. Start with my usual, vintage tea towel, and pick out red items. The mixture is part gift for me, part gift for a friend. She likes to go on picnics and I like everything you have ever sent me." {gee that makes it easy!}

At Vintageweave we are accustomed to this as we do gift baskets often over the phone or via email. Most times we're only given the gender & budget. Occasionally we'll get info about the recipient. {If it's an actor or tied to a particular film, we'll do the research on our own.}

But the trend that is happening more and more for us is what we fondly refer to as BLIND SHOPPING:.... lovely customers who live all over the country who shop with us via the phone and have no internet access (they've discovered us via various press items} ....instead they request: "pick some things out for me".
"Blind Shopper on Line 2"...OR
"Blind Shopper on Line 3 wants to speak with only Kathy"

Our regulars now know to call and say "I'd like to Blind Shop with you today" It's GREAT FUN FOR US! If you can read this then you obviously have access to emailed pictures of items not on our website, (which we're ALWAYS happy to send) if you'd like a version of this shopping experience, we'd love to hear from you! You just may hear us saying:
"One-Eyed-Open Shopper on Line 1!!"

{Shown in photo: Vintage Tea Towel, 20" square Red Stripe Tablecloth, red stripe cloth picnic napkin set, antique French book, Voluspa mini candle, Cherry Pitcher, Tin Hand n' Heart, purse-size Fig Lotion, Cote Bastide Wrapped Fig soap}

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Laminating Fabric

Have a favorite fabric you'd like to use outdoors or in the house with kids & pets? Inspiration follows...
Start with the above chair....

Enter my uber-talented friend, Kim W., who bought a set of these darling repro green chairs. She is oh so tres talented, so we are sharing her idea below, which can be applied to old and new chairs, vintage or new fabric:
Kim shares: "Several months ago I spotted two items separately that I paired mentally. I first spotted this folding French bistro chair. A few months later I was perusing a home & garden magazine and noticed this gorgeous lime & pink toile fabric.

"Knowing I wanted to use the table outdoors, I worried that pool splashes would stain or damage my precious fabric...

"I researched laminators and decided on a thin mil matte laminate application from Decorators Laminating Service. {Other resources available via that link.} Slipcovers were executed to provide a simple, yet flexible design to embellish the chairs with a Fashionable French flair.....!"

Pull up a chair and enjoy a crepe in honor of Kim while you duplicate this idea for your own home or garden! Joile chose!!
Manuel Canovas. stunning fabric; Contact us for current selection of his other fabrics.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


One of the most picturesque, medieval villages is this little beauty in the Provence region/Cote d'Azur....follow me on the path tour, won't you?

The Sorgue River hugs this ancient village, with meandering river beds flowing through and along the narrow streets...and past the many working (and non) windmills...

With over 300...yes I said 300!....permanent antique and vintage stores, it's an antique hunters dream town. Every August 15, there is a very wonderful and large puces where the treasures abound. As this year's fair approaches, I am reminded of a lucky antique dealer who has a home in this village. Maybe she'll let me rent a bunkbed, n'est ce pa??? Here is a peak at her heaven on earth:

Oh to be able to whip up rosemary chicken and lavender rice pudding in this farmhouse kitchen....

And then to serve and eat it on this heavenly veranda....

I'm asking for this luscious outdoor spot. I'm hoping she'll take a trade of Dodger Dogs...

(home photos: Maison Cote Sud)

(Cote de Azur)
Easy train ride from Avignon
Market Days: Sun and Thurs mornings or all day during summer
Flea Market/Puces: Sunday! Sunday! Sunday! or at the big August Fair

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Garden Flowers

A few pics from my garden....more expansive views of my sanctuary to come in later posts:

I'm very lucky in that the original owner of my 1920's bungalow was a Master Gardener. The years of tilling, feeding and tending have produced a soil where EVERYTHING grows big and bright. New surprises come up every spring in addition to those I have planted....

Russian Sage and French Lavender....

Rambling Jane Austin Roses...

Hydrangea varieties of 3 kinds...

Butterfly Bush, Trailing Geraniums...

And my new most favorite, Pomegranate Tree...

Monday, May 26, 2008

Honor and Respect, I thee give...

American Memorial; Normandy, France

I'll never forget that moment many years ago.
How I almost fell to my knees. How I welled up with intense tears. The sheer magnitude of what it represents so overwhelming...

Veteran's Memorial Wall, Washington D.C.; designed by an undergrad at Yale in 1991. Click on the pic to enlarge and take a moment to let the enormity of the names listed sink in.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Until next time, dear friend...

Our dear client turned dear, dear friend, JACKIE BURCH, is leaving the concrete hills for the Carolina's....
I light Sixteen Candles for you today, while I wear a Mask of happiness as your truck drives off. Live Hard as you form your new Breakfast Club in your new state, trading a Beverly Hills Cop for a North Carolina Sherriff.

We'll miss your daily Vintageweave visits and hourly emails about decorating this and that. Your new amazing sanctuary awaits you while we wait impatiently for your next film in LA to bring your amazingly-talented self back to us...

Friday, May 23, 2008

Malibu Veranda

Working on a client's rental property in Malibu....back in a couple of days with a tan and refreshed spirit...but take a peek at these...

While we use only antique French fabrics and antique Batik prints for the pillows on her own veranda, we needed very inexpensive touches for the rental. It's amazing what you can find inexpensively at Home Depot and Target. Most pillows shown here from Home Depot...yes, Home Depot!.

A variety of outdoor wire urns available at Vintageweave now! Add panache to your outdoor sanctuary with one of our many choices; shown Versailles Wire Pedestal Urn - Large $445/ea.

And the inexpensive alternative below for a touch of lavender on your patio (also Home Depot for around $150/ea)...

Vintageweave Antique French Bench in chippy white and green; contact us for prices on similar pieces

Add an interesting color to your bathroom door!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

French Flea Market Find

I discovered this charming painting at a small, obscure antique fair outside Paris proper. It's become one of my most favorite. The colors and detailing are so captivating. And the frame....oh.... just enhances it all beautifully. It's one of those things I love looking at every morning when I pass it to leave the house.

Do you have a favorite find prominently placed in your home? Be sure to place it in view where you will see it as you start each day. Small treasures bring big smiles.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Drawer Liners

I love drawer liners. Such an unexpected treat for the senses upon opening a cabinet, desk or bathroom drawer. Materials I love to line with:
vintage music sheets, vintage love letters, beautiful material scraps, wallpaper clips, photocopied collage of photographs and my most favorite, scented liners intended just for drawers....

Now at Vintageweave get your favorite pattern and scent!
Lavender, Fresh Linen, Tresors des Mers (Wisteria and Jasmine) Rose or Rice Flower (love the black and white print).
All heavenly scents. $24.50/box ( 6 sheets) or $22/box for two boxes or more.

line the entire drawer, 3/4 does the trick just fine.

Simple indulgences.
It's what makes daily life fun and interesting.
Drawer Liners

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Islands of Paris: Part II

An interesting and well-travelled client lives on Ille St Louis, where she introduced us to one of our new favorites: Mon Vieil Ami. You simply MUST eat here for traditional and sophisticated food in a modern Paris setting. Visit Notre Dame, then walk over to the other island to eat here for lunch or dinner. Carrot lobster bisque is to die for but surely what ever you order is sure to be outstanding.

Mon Vieil Ami is one the HOT spots so reservations are a MUST;
69, Rue St-Louis-en-L'lle {Metro Stop: Pont Marie}.
01-40-46--1-35 or
Closed Monday and Tuesday lunch, and like most spots in Paris, closed first two weeks of August for their holiday.
Seatings at 7p and 9:30...(be respectful if you're the first seating by being ON TIME.}
The small dining area has dark wood tables and seems to be illuminated only by candlelight although there are dim lighting fixtures thoughout--tres romantique.

Monday, May 19, 2008

It started with a teapot...

....during a flea marketing excursion at Portobello Road in London, I saw this antique English Chintz teapot on a vendor's table. I swooned and had to have it even though at the time I didn't collect chintz or teapots. In fact, I've never chosen to have any pink rose prints. Even today my home decor is earth tones in the Vintageweave French Farmhouse pink to be found.

But I was so drawn to this teapot in the English Rose pattern and eventually started feverishly collecting this pattern, along with June Roses. They are so delicate and beautiful, but perhaps what most drew this in to me is the history. Knowing that young girls and women would painstakingly affix mini bits of paper to the ceramic in such a way that the rose pattern was aligned perfectly (or sometimes not) on the dish.
Affix moistened paper, brush glue, fire in a kiln, repeat.

Fascinating creation. Popular to make in the 1920-1940's, years ago these were MEGA expensive, but the price has dropped to much more affordable prices in the last few years.

No matter, I bought them for the love of my eye, not for the investment of my wallet.

Be sure to check markings on the back to insure you have a vintage piece as MANY, MANY reproductions have flooded the market since 1990. Many books are available to assist you in learning what pattern will become your favorite.

I have an antique French white cupboard that houses these English floral patterns in a small corner of my home. It's the only pink I have inside my house and somehow when displayed in abundance it just works. Very dramatic statement.

I love taking them out and using these beauties when I host a tea or Sunday brunch.