Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Paris Finds Wander into Los Angeles

{Vintage French Baskets; $105-525}

Oh the bounty is plenty....here's a small sampling of the French treasures discovered on recent hunting expeditions. Viva La France!
Come see more of our findings by delighting us with a visit at the boutique during our open-to-public hours: Tuesday, Friday and Saturday (11-4p) or by appointment on other days. For our non-Southern California friends, merely email us or visit our online store as many items have been added in last 48 hours....www.vintageweave.com

{French Scroll Shelf-reproduction off an 1800's antique}

{French Memorial Heart Markers; $115-$200}

Of course what trip to France would be complete without me snatching up every vintage linen tea towel I spot at roadside sales, off-the-beaten path-flea markets and the occasional estate sale....

{French Vintage Tea Towels--Plain White: $25; White w/monograms: $32;
White with red stripes and Monograms: $39}

These antique SPECIMEN JARS are a personal favorite...I'm keeping some, placed others in clients' homes, and saving some for the boutique and website! I'm so in love with their uniqueness!!

{Antique French Pharmacia Specimen Jars; $150/ea}

For the garden, European watering cans ($75/ea), many more mini 3-5" French seedling pots ($25-30/five) and French Pitch Pots......

Visit us soon! 323.932.0451 or vintageweave.com

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Paris Makes My Heart Sing

Back in the States with many new treasures to share with all of you in a few days....until then I will sing, and sing loudly!

champagne buckets, riddling racks, bottle carriers, bottle drying racks, garden ornamental smalls, chairs, a chaise here and there, and baskets, baskets, baskets galore....and SO MUCH MORE!

....and some books for props!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Santos Love

{Female Form 36" w/bendable arm.....$545}

We love these female forms...and obviously so do many of you as we have always had a hard time keeping them in stock!

Originally used in religious ceremonies, such as wedding processions or funerals, the "Bastadas" (female forms) are often adorned with photos of loved ones and religious trinkets and carried down the streets. Later, they rest atop a fireplace matel or prominant place in the home where they are believed to bring fortune and blessings. These originate from either Spain, Mexico or Thailand.

{Female Form above and below pics: 30" w/wood removable arms....$445}

{Female Form 30" w/ wood removable arms...$445.....green color}

{Female Form 36" w/bendable arms....$545. Classic Turquoise color}

More arriving in pinks and yellows in the 40-46" sizes!!!
Call or email or find online if interested!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Crown for a King

Due to the mayhem and traffic congestion in Los Angeles for the Michael Jackson Memorial on Tuesday, July 7, Vintageweave Interiors will be open on limited hours:
UPDATED: THE TRAFFIC WAS WORSE THAN EVEN WE THOUGHT AND IT'S STILL EARLY! VINTAGEWEAVE REGRETS IT WILL BE CLOSED ALL DAY TODAY, Tuesday, July 7. We will be open Wednesday, July 8, 11a-4p. Normal hours resume Friday and Saturday 11a-4p.
Being born in Gary (waaaay back when) and an affinity for all things Jackson 5, I'd like to think the King of Pop would have loved one of our vintage crowns for his collection. New arrival of vintage crowns in now. Looks for detailed pictures in a post later this week.

Dear Michael: For such an incredibly talented entertainer who gave us all years of jaw-dropping moves and song, we hope your troubled adult soul can now rest in peace, as God intended.