Monday, February 16, 2009

Maison & Objet - Paris Winter

Shopping Maison & Objet, the formidable home show in Paris, is like treasure tromping through every continent, and many countries! So many styles of textiles, furniture, lighting, tabletop and gifts. Like no other gift show in the world, it's a feast for every single sense........... I've heard many find it overwhelming. I simply find it inspiring to the umpteenth degree.......

Enjoy a few of the trappings which entagled me (and my checkbook!!):

Monday, February 9, 2009

Loving vintage bowls a LATTE

Often we forget to look for the many small pleasures afforded us each day. During this time of doom and gloom on the news with every channel turned or website visited, we need to remember where those small pleasures can be found....

For me, there's nothing like starting the day with a "just me" ritual:
~Rejuvenating music playing in the background....~Kitchen French doors opened to let in the morning air (whether it be warm, cold or rainy&sweet)....~Steaming hot French-pressed coffee enjoyed out of a vintage, not-so-perfect French Latte Bowl....~Freshly-washed French linen tea towel (not ironed!) under my vintage chipped plate of buttered toast and hard-boiled egg...
~Often a lit Cote Bastide candle.
Recently, one of Vintageweave's regulars, an actress from Grey's Anatomy, scooped up every vintage French Latte Bowl with soft black stripes and black polka dots. When I tried to talk her into mixing in some red or forest green ones, she announced "you know I prefer sets".

For me, I go for a grand mixture of every color (perhaps because I like to imagine throwing a very large Sunday bruch wherein every guest has a different bowl to sip their Joe).

While sometimes necessary, a paper TO GO cup to hold my coffee Just. Won't Do. The day needs to be cherised from the moment I wake up.

I'd love to hear what rituals you afford yourself to help cherish each day...

{French vintage Red striped Latte Bowls; $49--variety over 95 bowls available at

Thursday, February 5, 2009

French Textile Bliss

It's no secret I'm ga-ga crazy for Textiles, and when I happen upon a large roadside sale on the outskirts of Paris, heart is aflutter!

I promise to try and part with as much as these as I can muster...but for now many may very well just live in my kitchen for a wee bit longer! It never gets old looking at their beautiful handiwork....small repairs, minor stains and just the right texture between your thumb and forefingers....ah, a slice of heaven, oui?

Monograms and checks abound...(these three styles shown are $30/ea)

A new favorite from Cote Bastide, bath towels in waffle texture with fringe evoking the old-world textile industry of early 1900's...($90/ea)

The delicate and deliberate monogramming is so delicious! These two shown are of the rarer set and only a few are available...($43/ea these two particular monogram styles)

The darker hemp is always a desired favorite.... ($32/ea)

Pretty in pink, with such delicate motiff...(Tablecloth approx 5x7 $62)

An unbelievably French pattern...I just fell in love with this one. It was sooo pricey but so worth it. Sorry, this 4x6 tablecloth will stay in my home!

With so many grain sacks in, we have started making these fab bed rolls...stuffed with luxurious down feathers...($72/ea)

I love taking French teatowels and using them as interesting "tablecloths" to help set a table...

All are available by emailing or calling us...many up on the website online store soon!