Monday, April 11, 2011

Inspiring Potagers' Cookbook

*If you're a Facebook friend (JOIN HERE), then you know we're all abuzz about French potagers, English raised beds and all around planting your healthy bounty of vegetables and herbs!

This still shot from the Nancy Meyers' film, IT"S COMPLICATED, inspired me to do more than just a few heirloom tomatoes in pots and urns filled with herbs:

I began the journey by taking away a chunk of yard, which is at a PREMIUM when you live by the beach so this was not taken lightly. Once completed, I've not regretted one blade being gone!
Double over chicken wire to keep those pesty Bill Murray arch enemies out, the elusive gopher!

Mixing manure and other fertilizers is not pleasant to the nose, but the gratitude from your plants does pay off!

Irrigation is key for someone like me who travels outside the Country a lot.

The end result: a modest and simple raised beds that packs a whollop with favorites like French Sorrel, Heirloom Tomatoes, Lemon Cucumbers, Watermelon and Hericot Verts!

THIS HAS INSPIRED A of our favorite cookbook authors, Patricia Wells, has just released the fabulous,  SALAD AS A MEAL. BUT here's the kicker, it's only on FACEBOOK, so you must be a FACEBOOK FRIEND (link here) to enter to win. 

*Submit photos of your own raised bed...
*....ground garden...
*.....or container of herbs...
Post on our Vintageweave Interiors' Facebook page in order to be entered. Winner picked May 15 so plenty of time to get your hands into some dirt! 

Remember,,,even the simplest potted tomato or container herb garden can win...its simply must look healthy and inspiring!

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