Tuesday, September 30, 2008

La Chihuahua!

Los Angeles is one small-dog friendly, crazy town!

It's rare to not find an LA restaurant that doesn't accommodate dogs outside while you eat. And many a restaurant has a small DOG menu, akin to a KIDS menu section!
Dogs of all sizes abound...
.....but it's no secret that we love our small dogs here....especially, La Chihuahua!

Enter my client, J......J has just finished producing BEVERLY HILLS CHIHAUHAU. He's also been busy working on his new fabulous Cape Cod-style Hollywood Hills home, yet while shopping at Vintageweave weekly, always has time to visit with my "girls", Biscuit & Coco.
(Sorry ladies, he's taken and his girlfriend is simply the BEST.... a real doll and a beauty to boot.)
Clients like J are the best. Nice, personable, and focused on producing family-oriented movies that can be enjoyed by all. Not enough of that in Hollywood....
Take your kids! Take your neighbors' kids! Take your friends' kids! Most importantly, take all the dog lovers you know!

The movie is cute with an inspirational message. And did we mention it's great for the entire family??? Go Disney!

More on his house as it gets completed. Due to activity from/to the pool area, he's a big fan of Dash and Albert rugs carried at Vintageweave:
If I'm able to post pics of his house after it's got all the Vintageweave touches, I'll certainly do so.

In the meantime, enter to win an ohh la la, so French Louis Vuitton tote bag filled with doggy goodies! Enter THE PAMPER YOUR PUP CONTEST HERE

Monday, September 29, 2008

Lending a Helping Hand

This past week we were faced with a flood....ugh.
The neighboring tenant had a leak in their spa pedicure tubs or something or other, and as a result at Vintageweave we were greeted to almost 2 inches of water in 45% of the showroom.

Carpet runied and torn up.  Showroom looks like....well....let's not get me started.
I have to say, I love my insurance company and if you ever need a water remediater, call ServePro as they are my new heros!  Mold is nothing to play around with!

Lots of wonderful friends (and family of course!!) RAN OVER to lend a helping hand.

I am truly blessed to be surrounded by such giving souls. Thanks, guys!!!!
(A special prayer to all those who have homes in the South where floods touched down on their lives.)

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Crowning Glory

Today the crowned jewel arrived in my inbox...."Might I be available to assist with a styling for a photoshoot for O At Home Magazine?"

All I could think about is "How fast does my car go?" (Pretty fast thanks to the Europeans)

I love decorating. I love styling.

I love making clients squeal with delight over a found treasure angled in just the right way in just the right spot.

More to come....

Sunday, September 21, 2008

I *HEART* Julie Louis-Dreyfus

It's FUN Emmy week here in Los Angeles/Hollywood and we've been blessed to be busy, busy arranging gifts and adding the right tweaks here and there at various client's homes.

It's true. I'm human. I PLAY FAVORITES!
One of our most favorite clients:
The gorgeous Julia Louis-Dreyfus

We don't just love her because her set decor, New Adventures of Old Christine, is built around an incredible variety of Vintageweave bits and bobs & specially- design items throughout.......... We don't just love her because she had us gut-wretching laughing during her Emmy-winning run on Seinfield........
.......................  We love her because she's one of the most talented comedic actresses of her time, because she's one of the nicest and humblest people (despite her privileged background-you'd NEVER know), because she makes us LAUGH OUT LOUD in her role as recently-divorced, single-mom CHRISTINE......and because, well, she's a loyal shopper of Vintageweave! What's not to love???!

Frequently ordering these votives by the dozens , Julia is a big fan of all Vintageweave's reproduction Mercury glass as it goes well with the lifestyle of having boys constantly running around the house! (Breaking antique mercury glass would be too hard for the stomach to bear!)

Trivia: On her casual days, she's the ultimate classic dresser and truly has the most PERFECT skin I've ever seen. Her complexion is actually legendary in industry circles.

While we have many clients up for an EMMY tonight and have our fingers crossed for all of them, Julia holds a special place in our hearts because her character, Christine, tickles our funny bone in all the right places!


Thursday, September 18, 2008

French Bottle Carriers

"Does this hunk of metal really work for you??"

This was the question posed to me during a flea market excursion by some passerby. I had to laugh. Sometimes MEN just don't get it. Ok, to be fair, sometimes PEOPLE just don't get it.

One night while preparing the living room for a hosted movie night at my house, I had a boyfriend ask once about an amazing rare black French armoire* that had just the right chipping in all the right places....
"Um, are you ever planning on painting this thing?"
Poor thing didn't stand a chance after that.
(The man, that is, not the armoire!)

Hot off the container, an assortment of antique wine bottle carriers. Especially unusual hunk of metal offerings in TEN BOTTLE carriers--rare, rare, rare! All in great condition with no missing rungs.

$90-250 at vintageweave.com or 323.932.0451

*Armoire has since sold to a dinner party guest one late January when I was feeling a "new look" was in order....

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

French Grain Bags Redux

So we've seen these...

Standard pillows made from Grain Sacks are nice, but these feather&down stuffed beauties just scream COMFORT!

Curl up on the grass with a good book while one of these grain bag pillows rests under your head....

I love this SUPER-SIZED grain sack pillow...great on either side of a daybed for luxury and European chic all at once.

Original embroideray just makes it all the more special, n'est ce pas?

Grain Sack Rolls, starting at $325 (3 foot rolls)....available now at VINTAGEWEAVE.COM

Monday, September 15, 2008

Lady Chanel and Her Chandelier

Famously and defiantly-single Coco Chanel.

Need more be said? A modern woman's woman. A muse for any generation.

This stunning chandelier was in her infamous apartment in Paris' Right Bank (more on her apartment later, which sadly is off limits to us common folk: the public.)

Designed by Paris-based decorator Maison Jansen in 1930 for Coco. (Jansen also worked for the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, Shah of Iran, and the Kennedy White House.)
A Timeless Bronze and Crystal 8 Candle Arm Chandelier Conveying Great Elegance and Taste.

However THIS chandelier for Lady Chanel, featured double C drops (!!!) and some shaped in her lucky number. Er, need you ask?? That would be the number FIVE of course....

Side bit of trivia: A model of elegance herself, Jacqueline Kennedy was so taken by the chandelier during a tour of the house while in Paris for Fashion Week one year, she had one designed on a larger scale for the YELLOW ROOM of the White House while she and JFK were residents......

A gorgeous reproduction can be fitted for any of our homes for a mere $43,400! That's a lot of quilted bags and patent leather Chanel shoes, guys! Just call on Thomas Gallery, www.tomthomasgallery.com!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

A spot of Mercury

{French Opera Vase $180; Le Versailles Vase $320}

For no other reason than I just love it so......

Available at vintageweave.com under Shop Now Store.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Fairytale Provence B & B

On this important day in American (er, WORLD) history, we give you a respite from the sad remembrance.....

There once was an old olive oil mill who lived in the heavenly village of Moustiers Ste.-Marie, PROVENCE FRANCE....

...along came gracious Joel who followed beautiful Genevieve down the hill. Fell in love whilst taking in the lavender-infused air (and who wouldn't??). Married her and together transformed the infamous mill into a luxury b&b which would be coveted by those who travel from far away lands to rest in one of the most picturesque settings in the world.

Alas, the ultimate hosts now spend their days preparing breakfasts and dinners from the organic bounty their gardens magically offer (Jack and his ol' beanstalk are given a good run for the money, honey). Lounge and eat local olives, cheese and freshly-plucked eggs here:

What to do besides relax, hit area marches aux puces (because antiquing is a must and a given, nest' ce pas?) and eat crazy good food and wine?
Oh...I don't know...perhaps hike in the lavender fields of Provence (just to say YOU DID)....

..... swim and canoe in the bluest of blue waters in Ste. Croix Lake, allow your venerable hosts to teach you a thing or twelve about traditional Provincial cooking, meet your neighbors and get invited to harvest grapes....you know, the UUUSH...

Fairytale Excursions now being accepted:

La Bouscatiere in Provence

Chemin Marcel Provence, 04360 Moustiers Sainte-Marie
A mere 3 hrs train ride from Paris to Aix en Provence

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Parisian Bookstore is a MUST

There's charming, and then there's charming...

Many travelers and book lovers alike flock to a little haven of rows of books on the Left Bank in Paris: VILLAGE VOICE BOOKSHOP

Opened in 1982 by charming Odile Heller (now there's a name you don't hear everyday!), all selections are impressively hand picked by her for their uniqueness. The best part? ALL ENGLISH-LANGUAGE for those of us yet to master our French perfectly.

Her latest recommendations:

HUNGRY FOR PARIS, by Alexander Lobrano
"....Lobrano loves good company as much as a good meal and the 102 restaurants he has picked, grand or small, offer both.....you get the whole experience, a true Parisian one."
{I have read this front to back and in addition to Sandra Gustafson's GREAT EATS PARIS, this one will travel with me. Indispensable for a great meal and a fun ride to read!!}

"...this mosaic of stories recounts the city's history from the first Roman settlements to the French capital as it is today..."

METRO STOP PARIS by Gregor Dallas
"...each one of the 12 Metro stops in the book has a significance...tells the city's history from an original angle..."
{I just finished reading this one and LOVED it! Teaches you a lot of history you really couldn't have possibly ever learned in school!!}

(Inside picture from the book, Writers in Paris}

"..elegant hardcover with gorgeous illustrations gives a taste of the Paris of prominent American writers who have made their homes here, and also of French writers such as...Proust, de Boeuvior..."
{I love this as a coffee table book and have given several as gifts to clients!}


Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Danny Boy!

Every few months I am treated with a visit from dear Danny Seo.....a designer who has committed his work to environmentally-conscious design and all-around-green education. His recent visit a couple of weeks ago had me laughing non stop as usual (he's just FUN and pulls no punches). We gossiped and dished and shared ideas. He walks around the store with the best ideas....he'll pick things up and offer up suggestions on how to recycle and repurpose this and that.

Danny previously contributed the most amazing recycle-themed articles as one of the editors for COUNTRY HOME magazine and now takes his magical knowledge to BETTER HOMES AND GARDENS. He has articles and books entitled around his life's theme: SIMPLY GREEN. I'm particularly in love with the farmhouse he owns in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

In addition to partnering with Method and other eco-conscious companies, Danny recently launched a 100% green mattress by teaming up with Simmons Mattresses at JCPenny; if you're in the market, you really should consider. I tried them out and they are incredibly comfortable and attractive to anyone with allergies. I placed one in a client's home and he is LOVING it! My friend Danny has a great, informative blog so check out his website and link on....(click on his name in first parapgraph above).

Monday, September 8, 2008

Venerable Nate

Designer extraordinaire and all-around-great-guy, Nathan Turner, popped in to say hi this week......and look for treasures. We love his visits as he's cuddly and cute and has the most fabulous eye. If you've not visited his LA shop you MUST--a treat for the antique senses! Nathan Turner Antiques, 636 Almont Drive

His frequent contributions in DOMINO are surely seen by many of you. I love his sense of style!

Nate is working on yet another fab entertaining photo shoot........this time at his parent's ranch where he's putting together a rustic, nothing perfect, nothing matching setting. Can't wait for it to hit newsstands in a Western Interiors issue early next year.

If you can't see his smiling face in person, check out his
website. Nate is so personable but sadly you won't find much on his blog---the dude is just too busy!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Basket Chic

I confess. I have an assortment of baskets that I use for my picnicing needs. Having just one to me is like wearing the same cocktail dress over and over again with the same group of people!

In Hollywood we have a great assortment of outdoor venues 9 months out of the year. From the Hollywood Bowl to the Greek Theatre to a variety of free outdoor park concerts......

But my most favorite and unique is
movie nights on the lawn of the Hollywood Forever Cemetary!
It's put on by Cinespia Cemetary Showings

Yes, it's a cemetary, but gorgeous and full of many famous names from long ago. The lawn is off to the back so you're not munching on crab cakes and sipping wine on someone's Aunt Suzy per se.........

Last Sunday night, 7 of us crazies cooked up our picnic baskets, along with 800 of our closest lawn buddies. A few blankets and beach chairs in tow isn't enough for my group. Oh, no. We bring food to impress and then set the stage: Me with my chic rolling European Basket (I'm stopped every 5 steps along the way on where to get one), and W with her roll out table and cool tablecloth....votives are glowing everywhere on our table of course. We were treated this evening to a showing of DON'T LOOK NOW, an oldie featuring a fully-haired Donald Sutherland and Julie Christie. The movie was hystericaly campy....people couldn't stop laughing and it wasn't billed as a comedy (!), but the reason for going isn't so much the movie, but to enjoy eating our selection of gourmet cheese, Chinese Chicken Salad, Marshmallow treats and wine under the stars sitting next to the stars (er, or on top of in some cases)....

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Ottoman Slipcover Magic

It started with the zebra ottoman. While chic, not the right look for an upcoming casual party so a slipcover was called into action. If guests spill drinks or leave shoe marks, it's easily remidied with a quick wash. All you need do is smile and say "no problem'............!

Just a great, rusty, chippy-paint candleholder...........

Sigh. The simple things make me happy.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

A Casual Beach Retreat

{Take inspiration from drying squash and bits from nature}

Thought I'd share a client's beach retreat in Malibu....hope it provides a bit of inspiration!

A majority of the items shown can be found by visiting the boutique save for the one-of-a-kind treasures. Phone inquiries are always welcome if you can't hop on a plane and visit us!

Note the large wood balls in the urns. I love using an assortment of wood balls; contact us for current in-store selection...

A simple linen slipcover is given added panache with a French floral fabric border.

Sconces in waiting as we pick the perfect spot on the wall...

Reproduction wood candlesticks are difficult for us to keep in stock right now! In faint shades of blue, white, cream, black or brown....

A new Vintageweave favorite. While I'm typically not a fan of slipcovered sofas, this tailored look over the chic, elegant curves make me gasp. Custom orders are running approx 14 weeks....!

Mmmm, in luscious LINEN or HEMP in shades of natural, canvas, or celedon (sage). {Call for quote.}

Sorry, but ocean saltwater and sand are not included in Vintageweave custom orders............dipping toes into the nearest body of water is always optional! Massive thanks to Kammy Kenman--an amazing designer!!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Fashion Island, Newport Beach

In the midst of running errands, my TO DO list took me to Newport Beach, CA today, where my favorite outdoor shopping experience is located, Fashion Island.

Fashion Island has the best of the best boutiques, from David Yurman, Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdales Home, Trina Turk, Gearys Por Donna, Bose and numerous quality boutiques....and the usual anchor stores of Restoration Hardware, Shabby Chic, and Anthropologie.

{Anthropologie's entry display; outside display of hay "sofa"! Luv this!}

While here, I stopped dead in my tracks. The design master team at Anthropologie are in a league of their own. Their creative minds work up eccentric, out-of-the-box displays....I love their wild eye.
Reminds me of Tim Burton meets Betsy Johnson meets Gary Busey. Just plain OUT THERE! Wild. Wonderful. Wacky.

{Amazing use of pages from old books. A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.}