Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Bonne Année!!

We hope everyone had a most joyous Christmas, Hanukkah or just restful holiday season!

At Vintageweave we all celebrate Christmas and it was an especially poignant year for us: we were so gloriously busy thanks to ALL OF YOU, yet so many friends and colleagues were without jobs. It was a sincere time of reflection for me personally as I can't imagine anything sadder on Christmas morning knowing so many are without jobs, food or the simple joy of a wrapped present, especially since my parents made such an effort growing up making Christmas so special, even though we had so little money.

One area of the homeless living in clusters; heartbreaking
In this spirit I decided to institute a new tradition with family and friends. When my father passed last year I began a non-profit with another friend, Roger Goode, in honor of both of our exceptionally-giving parents.  Uncle Phil and Betty's Goode Deeds was born. It started to benefit those hungry in my hometown of Northwest Indiana/Chicagoland area, but this year grew into a west coast edition. (My father was known as "Uncle Phil" to so many friends, neighbors and relatives....he was often heard replying when asked his name: "They call me Uncle Phil" and the name stuck.)
Friend Wendy and my Mom making PBJ sandwiches

So on the morning of Christmas after attending church and exchanging presents, several friends gathered at my home where we made 100+ brown bagged lunches. I made them a macadamia nut waffle breakfast and they donated their time (I love to cook so I came out the winner!). We then piled in the car and handed them out to the many homeless on the streets of Los Angeles.  I confess I did cry behind my sunglasses, but the overall feeling of the day was of gratefulness and accomplishment. It made nary a dent in the problem, but it all must start some where, nest ce' pas?

From our home to yours, we hope you begin a new tradition in helping those struggling in our challenging economy.  Many blessings to all...

On another note, Vintageweave is open this week TODAY ONLY from 11:30-4 and reopening at 11:30 on Tuesday, Jan 4. We will not be shipping orders after today, and the boutique and warehouse will be closed for a much-needed holiday. We so appreciate all of YOU who made 2010 a successful year for Vintageweave.

A client took a photograph of her daughter dressed to welcome 2011 in a vintage French buggy. It literally took our breath away!  Happy 2011!

Vintageweave Interiors
7928 West 3rd Street
Los Angeles, CA 90048

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

West 3rd St Holiday Party -- Thurs Eve!!

Don't forget::::

West 3rd Street Holiday Party
Thursday, December 9

Most businesses open until 9pm!!!!!
Discounts, special gifts with purchase, yummy treats and drinks ranging from hot cider to French bubbly at West 3rd Street businesses from La Cienega to Fairfax!

Take a stroll down the boulevard and visit all the great spots! Here's what's happening at Vintageweave (remember, we're 5 businesses west of Fairfax):

  • French Bubbly
  • Yummy delights
  • Free Gift Wrap
  • 20% off all Christmas decorations
  • 20% off all Dash and Albert Tote Bags (to tote all your gifts to and fro!)
  • 20% off all Wood Candlesticks 
  • Free Marseille Hand Cream with minimum purchase

And because we are major foodies and because we can all agree there's a nuclear proliferation of AWESOME food trucks in Los Angeles, we will have parked RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE BOUTIQUE....
        Global Soul Food (comfort food from around the globe!)
         No Jodus Cuban Kitchen(oh yum!)

Get your tummies ready! Come visit these AWESOME culinary delights from 6-9p tomorrow directly in front of Vintageweave!!

 Global Soul Truck and Shrimp Toastie and La Borracha - Mamon with rum soaked berries and hand-whipped whipping cream and sponge cake...OMG!

 No Jodus truck and Cuban Sandwich...yummmyyyy

Want more food pics or more info? Visit our Vintageweave Facebook Page
VERY limited parking in rear; valet parking in 3 locations along 3rd St.
Vintageweave Interiors
7928 West 3rd Street
Los Angeles, CA 90048

Eight Crazy Nights

 {One unbelievably GORGEOUS Menorah purchased for my client! $600 but got it ON SALE!}

Each year I decorate a favorite and very dear client's home for Hanukkah. I find this to be such an honor that she asks me especially since I am Catholic!

For the past several years she has celebrated this special holiday at a different home of hers so ALL NEW items must be purchased each year. This has allowed me to form a wonderful relationship with a local merchant in Los Angeles' Fairfax District, where many Jewish businesses are located.  I adore the owners of SOLOMON'S, a Judaica emporium stocked with kiddush cups, candlesticks, prayer shawls, menorahs, books in Hebrew and much more.   The two male owners (I believe father and son) are SO lovely and so very kind to always present me with a gift: "just for me, and not to give away".
{A beautiful sterling silver-clasped bracelet; a gift from Solomon's}

Each year they patiently walk this Catholic girl through every faux pas:  with every ounce of respect I either mispronounce or ask for the wrong items for the wrong holiday. I've finally learned that the "plate thingy" is beautifully named a "Sedar Plate" and one NEVER says Have A Happy Yom Kippur! (Although an old Jewish boyfriend STILL teases me that I sent him a card one year and wrote just that: "Happy Yom Kipper!" He graciously claims he thought it was cute but I'm sure his parents, one of whom is a Surviver, were mortified!)

Typically my client is out of the Country during the days of Hanukkah therefore she and her family celebrates it a wee bit later. Such is the case this year. Their Rabbi is attending a very special celebration at their home on the Saturday immediately following the last day of Hanukkah so we are adding all sorts of special touches to the home later this week.  I can't wait!

Solomon's  (Tell them Kathy from Vintageweave sent you!!)
505 N Fairfax
Los Angeles

Hag Sameach!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

We *HEART* The Los Angeles Times


Big thanks to The Los Angeles Times for showing us the love and including Vintageweave Interiors in their annual Holiday Gift Guide!

{Vintage English Stoneware; $49-92}

The printed newspaper included our Ribbed Mercury Votives, Brasserie Tray, Cider Bottle and the amazing vintage English Black+Cream Stoneware Tureens above.
{Mercury Ribbed Votives; $42/set 3 and Brasserie Tray; $26}

You may find us and other fabulous boutiques at LA TIMES ONLINE ....check out #40 although we would disagree by sharing that
we have a TON of male clients (we're not just for the female variety!!).

In appreciation for all the amazing love we've received the past 12 months (we WERE able to double in size 3 months ago after all and we've continued to be blessed with so many amazing orders +design jobs)....WE ARE GIVING AWAY ONE ENGLISH STONEWARE  TUREEN SIMILAR TO ABOVE! Value: $51

Merely leave a comment HERE below or on our Vintageweave FACEBOOK PAGE (where we have the majority of our giveaways so fan us today if you haven't already!)

#1)   Leave a comment on your favorite thing about ENGLAND!!
#2)   Winner chosen from the combined comments on the blog and on Facebook on Tuesday, December 7, 2010.
#3)   Sent to anyone in the Continental U.S.; if you live outside of the U.S., you may win this FREE if you chose to pay for postage OR you may send to someone in the U.S. of your choosing.

MERCI BEAUCOUP, or as we say in our favorite pub off King's Road: "BOB'S YOUR UNCLE"!