Friday, December 2, 2011

J'adore French Metal Signage

On a recent trip throughout Northern and Southern France, metal signs were scooped up with almost as much fevor as touchons (tea towels)...another passion of mine!!
Love old metal signs! The patina! The colors! The typography!

Now in the boutique and a wonderful selection also offered online found HERE

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Monday, November 28, 2011


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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Now on Twitter!

It's tru! It's tru!  We now tweet with the other flock of birds!

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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Running Barefoot in Paris ~ Book Signing!

 Running Barefoot in Paris
author: Brandyn Barbara Artis

Sunday, November 20, 2011
4pm - 7pm

Champagne+Barefoot Wines+French Cheeses+laughs+conversation+wee bit of French lessons

Vintageweave Interiors is HONORED to host a book signing for this incredible Renaissance woman!

Come meet the beautiful wife, mother, actress, author, dancer, playwright, breast-cancer survivor and Harper's Woman Of The Year Award recipient, Brandyn Barbara Artis.  This woman exudes light and energy--you won't want to miss an opportunity to enjoy her conversation.

10% off purchases with purchase.
Books available to purchase or bring your own

BONUS:  Come brush up on your French~ our servers are all the real deal! ♥} 


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RSVP: 323.932.0451 or

Thursday, July 28, 2011

French Warming Plate

Summer still has plenty of "game" left in it!  Entertaining with simple style is always high on our list, so a favorite used for keeping dips+brunch bacon+and the like warm is this darling....

French Warming Plate - 3 light

Modeled after an antique used in the 1800's, this newly-crafted cast iron/metal beauty needs only three tealights (not included) to get into action. Tailgating elegance?  Also available in a simpler style is the French Warming Plate - 2 light.

MID SUMMER SPECIAL:  Regularly $36,  Sale $29.75

Online now at

Thursday, July 21, 2011

New Container Arrival!

We shared a container this time around and lots of treasures have arrived from our April trip...we're slowly working our way through adding them to the boutique and online.

We'd love to share the stories with you on how we discovered each one, or the unique history of some. Stop in soon!

Hours to the public:
 Tuesday, Thursday, Friday noon -4, and most Saturdays 11:30-4
ONLINE 24/7 while you sip you tea or Pinot Noir in your jammies!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Torchon Love!

Torchons {Dishtowel/teatowel}....a personal favorite in my household. They are the first thing I notice when walking towards a barn sale in Provence, flea market in Normandy or open air marche in St Tropez.

A favorite tongue in cheek French saying:
"Ne pas mélanger les torchons et les serviettes."

Literal translation: "do not mix dishtowels with napkins,", which means classifying and treating people + items differently according to their perceived value or class. Said another way, not mixing things of different kinds, indicating  that some are superior. Well thank goodness we're living in THIS century and HOPEFULLY we mix away both our items and our people!

When dealing with inanimate objects, it's a pretty common and funny French saying. Never more evident than in the house of Gran Palais in the Warhol exhibit wherein the curator demanded that Yves Saint Laurent's portraits NOT appear side by side with other fashion designers. "One mustn't mix dishtowels with napkins," he said, before asking to have the paintings moved to the artists section. Quel Horreur!

Cote Bastide Numbered Tea Towel

While the dishtowel was once perceived as a rag used for domestic chores by domestic help, the love affair with the old textiles is strong. They now garner center stage!  We love mixing the old, shown above, with the new, shown below.

Quite excited to bring these new beauties to you, made just outside Paris by our friends at Torchons et Bouchons in Paris, France.  High quality canvas cotton, they are washable and food combatible.

Now online at or by calling 332.932.0451. $36/ea or save by taking home all four offered. More coming soon!

Monday, May 23, 2011

American Idol and Animal Rescue

Me with my favorite, the talented Casey, at a private event

Are you an American Idol fan? Are you an Animal Rescue fan?

One of our favorite charities,  The Amanda Foundation, and one to whom we donate frequently and proudly, is offering up two tickets to the AI finale. You get to soak in the excitement and energy which will clearly be in that room that night...but EVEN BETTER, you get to help the fur babies in need!

Amanda Foundation Auction is going on NOW. Bid today and good luck!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

J'taime new treasures!

French Metal Memorial Hearts, circa 1920-1950

This time around we shared a container with a friend after scouring estate sales and various marche aux puces throughout Northern France. The treasures arrived, cleared customs and are being carefully unpacked and inventoried...the result? It's like Christmas morn' all over again with plenty o' oohing and ahhing...

Do stop in the boutique soon or see the treasures as they are added online throughout this week and next-we'd love to see you! And as always, Merci beaucoup for loving the French Farmhouse beauty as much as we do! I'm rather giddy, really!

Large selection of antique apothecary/specimen jars all with original lids+labels
Various French Bottle Carriers
Xavier Pauchard original 1920's stools! 20 available!

Now on display in the boutique, in the ONLINE SHOP or by contacting us at
Drooling perfectly welcomed!

Vintageweave Interiors
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Los Angeles, CA 90048

Public hours:
Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday


Monday, April 11, 2011

Inspiring Potagers' Cookbook

*If you're a Facebook friend (JOIN HERE), then you know we're all abuzz about French potagers, English raised beds and all around planting your healthy bounty of vegetables and herbs!

This still shot from the Nancy Meyers' film, IT"S COMPLICATED, inspired me to do more than just a few heirloom tomatoes in pots and urns filled with herbs:

I began the journey by taking away a chunk of yard, which is at a PREMIUM when you live by the beach so this was not taken lightly. Once completed, I've not regretted one blade being gone!
Double over chicken wire to keep those pesty Bill Murray arch enemies out, the elusive gopher!

Mixing manure and other fertilizers is not pleasant to the nose, but the gratitude from your plants does pay off!

Irrigation is key for someone like me who travels outside the Country a lot.

The end result: a modest and simple raised beds that packs a whollop with favorites like French Sorrel, Heirloom Tomatoes, Lemon Cucumbers, Watermelon and Hericot Verts!

THIS HAS INSPIRED A of our favorite cookbook authors, Patricia Wells, has just released the fabulous,  SALAD AS A MEAL. BUT here's the kicker, it's only on FACEBOOK, so you must be a FACEBOOK FRIEND (link here) to enter to win. 

*Submit photos of your own raised bed...
*....ground garden...
*.....or container of herbs...
Post on our Vintageweave Interiors' Facebook page in order to be entered. Winner picked May 15 so plenty of time to get your hands into some dirt! 

Remember,,,even the simplest potted tomato or container herb garden can win...its simply must look healthy and inspiring!

For garden items from France, shop with us online at Vintageweave
Remember we ship worldwide!