Friday, May 30, 2008

Blind Shopping

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We have a client in Georgia whom we'll call "B". B doesn't have access to a computer or internet or email. This does not deter B....she shops with us monthly (sometimes bi-monthly) via the phone and asks us to pick out things in the theme she describes on that partic day. Her orders always start with a vintage French tea towel and go from there. Today:

B: "I have a budget of $300 inclusive of shipping costs. Start with my usual, vintage tea towel, and pick out red items. The mixture is part gift for me, part gift for a friend. She likes to go on picnics and I like everything you have ever sent me." {gee that makes it easy!}

At Vintageweave we are accustomed to this as we do gift baskets often over the phone or via email. Most times we're only given the gender & budget. Occasionally we'll get info about the recipient. {If it's an actor or tied to a particular film, we'll do the research on our own.}

But the trend that is happening more and more for us is what we fondly refer to as BLIND SHOPPING:.... lovely customers who live all over the country who shop with us via the phone and have no internet access (they've discovered us via various press items} ....instead they request: "pick some things out for me".
"Blind Shopper on Line 2"...OR
"Blind Shopper on Line 3 wants to speak with only Kathy"

Our regulars now know to call and say "I'd like to Blind Shop with you today" It's GREAT FUN FOR US! If you can read this then you obviously have access to emailed pictures of items not on our website, (which we're ALWAYS happy to send) if you'd like a version of this shopping experience, we'd love to hear from you! You just may hear us saying:
"One-Eyed-Open Shopper on Line 1!!"

{Shown in photo: Vintage Tea Towel, 20" square Red Stripe Tablecloth, red stripe cloth picnic napkin set, antique French book, Voluspa mini candle, Cherry Pitcher, Tin Hand n' Heart, purse-size Fig Lotion, Cote Bastide Wrapped Fig soap}


Anonymous said...

While I am not a blind customer but one who shops via pictures, website and emails....I just wanted to share about your customer service.....FABULOUS!!!!!
I will continue to buy because of your wonderful products and the best customer service I have had in a long time...just recently purchased furniture from Arhaus and have been treated like dirt. It is refreshing to shop with Vintage Weave. Thanks for all of your wonderful service!!!

Kathy said...

Wow! Thanks, Vicki!! It's people like you that make this job the best way to spend one's's not a job at all for me! We'll be getting lots of Cote Bastide products in soon from their NEW amazing location in southern France and we'll be in touch!
Best, Kathy

Anonymous said...

I remember doing this with you kathy when i read something featured of yours in InStyle magazine. After I had rec'd my first item ordered from you, I then didn't have internet access for about 3 wks at my new house so I asked you to choose things for me. i loved it all!!!! Luckily now I can shop on your website and you guys are ALWAYS amazing at sending pictures and response is so fast and prompt! Thank you kathy!
Janice/ Aspen, CO

Anonymous said...

Kathey: I think you have singlehandedly scored the best customer service on the www in my book anyway. PS loving the marble bistro table and folding chairs so much. Sharon

Anonymous said...

Team Vintage Weaves: I tell you guys in emails often, but I can't gush enough about your customer service and kathy's follow up. My old neighbor Joy alwys "blind shopped" with you and that's how I found you. I think it is such a grand idea for you to come up. You are my favourite internet source for viva la Franciase! Pascal and Lulu all the way from Dallas Texas now (we just moved!)

vosgesparis said...

Wow it must be real fun to receive your beautiful goodies over the post. Its a bit as I do with a friend, we swap beautiful items, and she makes a lot of presents from old hemp and linen I love to get them and surprise her with goodies I find on brocantes or in the little shops ;)