Saturday, May 17, 2008

Celebrate Film - Cannes Film Fest '08

{David Lynch Photo; David's work is the theme of the 2008 Cannes Film Festival, FRANCE May 14-25}
This town is big on film. No let me rephrase that: This town eats, breathes, sleeps, yawns, poops, pees, screams, plays, paints and sings film.
If you're a raging film buff, you're lucky to live here. Very, very lucky. The most obscure, independent films can be seen in a variety of venues at a variety of times, and we're always the first to get releases of new blockbusters on the big screen. And people clap when the director's name pops up at the beginning (they know him) and whistle and cheer when the headliner's name scrolls (they've worked with HER), and they stay for the credits. Always. They read their names, names of their friends, neighbors, co-workers.... It's crazy. Many non-industry folks have the occasional opportunity to attend a film premiere, red carpet and all. Up the street from Vintageweave there's even a silent movie theatre devoted to the era of those whose releases have long past.
L.A....My. Kind. of. {Movie}. Town.

So needless to say when much of the town packs up and heads to FRANCE to attend what is arguably the most important film festival in the world, Festival de Cannes, you feel it. The traffic is a wee bit lighter, the hard-to-get-into restaurants have a few openings, and there's a few less people crowding the amazing salad bar at Whole Foods. At Vintageweave the bustle happens just before and just after Cannes, when gifts are needed for this or that nominee. During Cannes we breathe a {wee} bit and actually get to go see a film our clients have a hand in creating.

Each year there is one lucky talent bestowed the honor of serving as Jury President and then a lucky few as the Jury Panel...all chosen to review the submitted and accepted films. This year's Jury President is none other than Sean Penn. We love Sean. We love that we can see him at the local bookstore and he's got on a grumpy face just as he does in interviews. We love that we can see him with his kids and he's playing ball just like a loving dad {Celebrities! They're Just Like Us!}. But most of all we love Sean Penn because he's the most courageous, giving and passionate actor. A magnifying presence in every role he takes on. The man is a genius actor. As this year's Jury President, he's known as Sean Penn, Director, accredited to his recent accomplishment: Into The Wild. (For which he hired Vince Vaughn so there's another reason to love him: he's got great taste.}

If you're lucky enough to be in Cannes, go to this spot:
Pleeeeeze, if you ARE IN Cannes who are we to tell YOU??

Ok, then, Best Chocolate in Cannes:
L'Atelier Jean-Luc Pele, 30 intensely-flavored cocoa confections. But the Carmel with sea salt Macaroons are to DIE FOR.
36 Rue Meynadier

If you're lucky enough to be at home:
Go support your local film theatre and SEE A FILM ON THE BIG SCREEN. There's no better escape... {Disclaimer: Popcorn with butter mandatory for full enjoyment}


Anonymous said...

mmm those sea salts macaroons sound devine. are they as good as those sea salt carmels you sell in the store? when in la last wknd I was the one who bought 10 packs after you generously gave all those "samples'!! meg

Anonymous said...

Did you read today's Daily?? Film release and short bit about Catherine Deneuve, which can't wait to see. I know you love her, too. This is first year in many I'm not in Cannes, but glad to be away from the craziness. MF

Anonymous said...

Kari Ann

Anonymous said...

HA. We ate so much choc and those carmels. What a great trip we had together Kath. such fun. so much shoe shopping almost as much as antique hunting!! L