Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Hemp Hearts

We're always looking for unique add-ins for our client gift baskets. When you have top entertainment studios on your client list, you have to be constantly on the lookout for fillers....some studios order up to an average of 50 baskets every month (sometimes less and sometimes more---LOTS more!) and every now and then the recipients overlap so finding unique french smalls is a full time job! And since the recipients are often some serious movers and shakers in the Industry, one can appreciate the emphasis is on

One of our best designers for Vintageweave (and one of our dearest and most favorite friends), Trish W., helped us recreate several artistically-shaped hearts reminiscent of those we've been loving on our last two buying trips in Paris. We spotted these cotton hearts at the Maison & Objet show last year (see bottom shelf and below) only to learn they were merely props and not available for purchase. Boo Hoo!

Not one to be discouraged for long, we went on a stringent hunt to track down the talented designer, Pia, only to find she does them for gallery showings.... and on the rare occasion she does part with them, they are over 1000 euro each. Ouch!! We really wanted lavender-filled sachets for our clients, and not necessarily wall art, so we begin sketching our perfect version. Enter Trish.....Trish is the most amazing artist EH-VER. I do mean, EH-VER! She took our ideas and our picture samples, etc, etc, and then weaved in her magic touch. We're still in prototype mode, but we think you'll agree the results are fabulous and we're jumping up and down with excitement and anticipation! Look for them soon! {<----Pia's design to left; ours at top of post.}

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Anonymous said...

So beautiful..I love them...nice gifts, what a wonderful presentation. It's just like you Kathy