Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Feeling Red

Happy 4th of July everyone~!

Incorporate some RED, White, & Blue and Pink and Tan into the outdoor decor this summer for French Americana!

Can't get enough!~

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Pea Gravel Heaven

A client in Malibu is having me recreate this gorgeous, Mediterranean look.

Transforming a grassy/weedy area into pea gravel patio. It all started with falling in love with these distressed white wire chairs from my favorite garden furniture designer, Janus et Cie. We plan to find an old metal table similar to the one shown. Can't you just imagine dinner al fresco at this table??? What gorgeous things you could serve up to your guests!

Janus et Cie items are sold exclusively through the trade. White Wire Chairs approximately $825/each.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Dad's Day Vintage Style

Years ago a 30-something year old customer walked in looking for a vintage bottle...one that could be fitted with a cork. He wanted one that he could insert a love poem he had written for his girlfriend. HOW ADORABLE! I took a bit of extra time with him to purchase his $14 bottle and even helped 'fabricate' the perfect topper with cork and twine. His romantic nature made my heart sing!

Six months later they were married and a year thereafter he became a father.
Vintageweave has been honored to play a part in each milestone with gifts and decor....I'd like to think it all started with a simple, sweet idea and that old crusty vintage bottle!

Happy Father's Day to everyone who plays a role in a life of a child, friend or pet! An extra special shout out to my own perfect dad!!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Grains Lived Here; Grain Sacks; Grain Bags

We simply can't keep these beauties in stock!
We're tickled pink that a new shipment has arrived...soon they will be added to the website, but to get your hands on them first, merely email us at vintageweave@aol.com or call the boutique 323.932.0451. We have over 300 in stock so be sure to indicate red, blue on light weight or heavy weight and we'll accommodate your preferences (while supplies last of course!).

All grain bags are $58/ea for basic non-monogrammed and $64 for basic monogrammed; range in sizes of 40-42" L x 19-22" W. If you require exact sizing let us know and we'll measure out the one that grabs your eye. More unique sacks are individually priced.

Want a grain bag made into a pillow? OUR PLEASURE!! Pillows range from $69 - $115/ea and include soft poly fill inserts (similar feel to down feathers).

Originally used to hold grains, these bags can be easily washed on gentle cycle. We like to use any delicate detergent and then add in 5x the standard amount of fabric softener to make them extra delish....Extra stubborn stains?? BIZ is the miracle worker (sold at Target and most grocery stores).

The Vintageweave workroom is now busy, busy, busy making pillows so if you've been on the waiting list for Grain Sack Pillows, rest assured your orders will be shipping out in the next 4 days and you will be swooning along with us!

Unique and lovely grain bags in rare white cotton with monogramming in red thread "G E". About 40 of these in stock. Style WGE; $72/ea
Lots and lots of REDS!
And tons of Blues! Shown Style DB051; $58
Just a handful of these unique burlap with blue stripes; Style Shown BURB122; $87

Loving the red/blue on white--perfect table runner for 4th of July! Style Shown RWB01; $58

Red with monogramming "R J"; Style shown RRJ01; $64

Deeper Red Stripes with Monogramming "T M"; Style Shown #RTM; $64

Classic Red Stripe; Style Shown #R016; $58

Grain Bags will be added to the website next week as we finish unpacking them. See any that make you swoon here? Email us at vintageweave@aol.com ---FIRST COME FIRST SERVE! Over 300 now in stock!
Vintageweave Interiors; 323.932.0451 or www.vintageweave.com

Thursday, June 11, 2009


....and Danny Seo, and Kerry Washington!!

Well now you know why the blogging has been so remiss---the power of Oprah hit us two years ago and then again this past month. IT'S BEEN MAHEM! WONDERFUL, BEAUTIFUL MAHEM!

We thought we were busy before. We thought we took too few breaks and rest stops before. Oh no......Oprah's reach in her "O" magazine has made it super-duper-mega frega crazy {as my 5 year old Goddaughter would say}.

Thanks as always to our favorite environmental designing guru, Danny Seo {who has a fab blog in addition to all his fab work: http://www.DAILYDANNY.COM}, and to the drop-dead gorgeous Kerry Washington, whom we love and adore. Working with this team was, in word, FUN!

{Kerry's office holds many of our vintage items such as yellow French Bistro Chair, bag and slew of accessories...}

{Living room now is home to Vintageweave's pillows of vintage French fabrics, grain bags, tea towel pillows and a burlap roll from one of our favorite vendors, Vagabond...}
{...Still more pillows....}
{....Red stripe runner, Cote Bastide creamware dishes, vintage vase, grainbag pillows and antique French hemp pillow...; runner is available on our website now...}

{One of my most favorite items is how Danny transformed a boring pet step by covering it with a vintage Indian rug. See lower left of picture. Isn't it great??}
{Kerry's kitchen is chockfull of Cote Bastide creamware dishes and cast iron pedestals. Since this publication hit, I'm sorry to say all of these items have completely sold out and are now retired.}
"O" Magazine; June issue on newsstands now.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Designing a Piece of Malibu

{Janus et Cie Adirondack Chairs in Adult and Child sizes; made from recycled milk cartons are ultra, ultra fab at this lookout point created on the westbound portion of the bluff!}

How long has it been friends?
Too long...far too long....

....I've been up to my forehead in designing mania....!Fabric swatches, color chips, furniture samples, granite slabs, plant material...burlap, ticking, sunbrella, toile...it's all been wrapped around me like a glorious, sun-kissed necklace.

Now that my HUSHHUSH design job has wrapped, I can get back to playing with with some other fun souls! Due to confidentiality agreements, I can't share much of this spectacular fun job, but I can share a teensy looksy of this outdoor haven. Enjoy and I'll be back soon to share all the OTHER AMAZING fun things we've been a part of and immersed in!

{Taking a break from the mania with toes in the jacuzzi!}
{In the rose garden sits a statue by a talented Los Angeles artist; statue created in the likeness of the owners' daughter}
{My boardroom!  The area where I held morning meetings outlining the day's tasks.}
{Tennis courts where energy could be exerted after long days of moving and installing furniture.}

It's been crazy busy and as usual I'm running around like a headless French Chicken!  Back VERY soon and I promise to share more exciting news! Hope everyone is doing great and THANK YOU for continuing to keep us busy and having a blast filling all of your orders!