Friday, September 25, 2009

An Angel to Watch Over Us All

I've been unable to blog as the business is blessed to remain incredibly busy. Any free time away from Vintageweave has been spent with my ailing father, who has suffered from liver and kidney disease the past 20 months.

On Tuesday, September 22, the beautiful man I have had the privilege of knowing as FATHER, DAD, DADDY, POP, PA, was welcomed into the loving arms of God. He left this earth into the gates of heaven at 7:pm PST. My family's grief is overwhelming at times, and other times we laugh or smile and remember the wonderful, wonderful man who touched the lives of so many.

My father was one of the most generous souls ever to walk this earth. I was blessed to enjoy an extremely close relationship with him...he was my hero, my rock. While my heart aches, I take comfort in knowing God is smiling, the angels are dancing and we still feel his love.

Shared by a friend, which I find so beautiful:
"Losing a father is like losing that one wing when needing to fly... Life seems unbearable without you, but knowing you want me to go on with life gives me the strength to do so.... I miss you so much... I know whatever I do in life you will be there because you are not only my father but you are now my angel, too....."

Monday, September 7, 2009

Mozza loves France, too!

We are lovers of bakeries. We are lovers of simple food prepared exceptionally well. We are lovers of French, Italian, Spanish and Greek foods in particular....
So imagine our delight when two experts in the field of baking and culinary delights came to us looking for that certain panache for a new adventure: MOZZA2GO
Enter Nancy Silverton (of famed La Brea Bakery) and Mario Batalli (of Spotted Pig and many, many of NYC's finest eateries.

Their team effort in Los Angeles (on the corner of Melrose and Highland) are the hottest tickets in town, even 2 years after their openings: Mozza Pizzeria and Mozza Osteria. The former offering delectable, mouth-watering pizzas in creations that enliven the palette and not merely just creative on paper. The latter offers more traditional Northern Italian dishes and features an incredible Mozzarella bar. If you're in Los Angeles, THIS is the MUST VISIT spot (either/or). However, be prepared: reservations are hard to come by.

Both Nancy and Mario have incredible taste and they created Mozza2Gowith thick white Italian carrera marble countertops against stark black wood cabinetry and brushed nickel hardware. Bring in VINTAGEWEAVE ACCESSORIES and you have the perfect old world feel of a European bistro.

VINTAGEWEAVE reproduction cake plates were sourced to create interesting vignettes, similar to those Nancy spotted in our boutique. VINTAGEWEAVE uses them to display soaps and candles but at Mozza2Go we stack delectable caviar!

Our wire baskets are a favorite to store eggs in cold case. We first used this idea for Emeril Lagasse, and we were thrilled that Nancy and Mario loved this idea, too. Makes it more interesting when you open the refrigerator, oui? {sold online at in round and oval for $26.50}:

> We love the little touches they added give authenticity to the old-world European feel, such as the door lock at the bottom of the entry door.

Apothecary Jars in all sizes were also sourced for Nancy:
More cake plates, marble oval trays, and antique scales create unique displays...

This was one of our more favorite projects in recent times! Big thanks to all who work with Nancy and Mario as every single person was such fun and big delight, despite any nagging deadlines. Every person they employ loves what they do and it all shines through in their final product: exceptional food that arrives at your table! .....and now, that same exceptional food that comes in a Mozza 2 Go box, too!