Friday, October 30, 2009


As the air gets brisk, scatter rugs become essential not just aesthetic!
We've been waiting and waiting and begging and begging, and finally our friends at Dash & Albert succumbed: a ticking in BLACK.
Black Birmingham Ticking is our new fave!~

Available NOW at in the following array of sizes:
2 x 3.............4 x 6.........6 x 9.........8 x 10..........9 x 12 well as perfect runners of 8 and 12 foot long.
Equally wonderful for the floor or your wall are these new La Croix Jute/Burlap Rugs. Because they are nice and thin and have a SUPER tight weave, they aren't itchy. This makes them pretty wonderful as a topper for the long dining room table, too! (We layered ours by angling it over a extra large white simple cotton cloth))

{La Croix Jute Rug; in 30 x 60 rug or 20 x 60 runner}

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

French Linen, Cote Bastide Style

{Cote Bastide Lin Naturel Tablecloth; $289}

New linens from Cote Bastide are in the house!

As with most Cote Bastide items, our drool bucket runneth over.....this beauty was spotted and the Paris show and I couldn't wait to get my hands on one for my own home. I bought three at the Paris retail store and two clients snapped them up immediately (one went home with me NATURALLY).

Fits a table for 6 or 8 at 200 x 160 cm. In Cote Bastide's signature linen, this washes up beautifully in the cold cycle and line dries. Don't you just love the soft black writing?? All stamped with "100% Lin Naturel" in French, American and Italian.

I'm crazy for the colors of linen, black and red....this designer stamp in red on bottom right is so simply French....details like this make me smile wide.

Before you thought it didn't get any better, offerings coming soon in a to-die-for Apron and lushly-thick linen TEA TOWELS!

This classic Cote Bastide pure linen tea towels {red stripe or blue stripe} is a monthly sellout.

The runner offered in each of the colors is fantastic, but the newest offering is especially OH LA LA: A TIE TAB CURTAIN! Same pure linen. Same Cote Bastide quality textile. (Curtain currently available in only blue stripe).
{CB Proterie Blue Stripe Linen Curtain; $149}

My kitchen is officially in love! A bevy of more love is available at VINTAGEWEAVE.COM

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Beauty from France's Cemeteries

Scattered throughout France are Cemetery Crosses from the late 1800's and early 1900's. These are sold to professional dealers as new cemeteries are designed; these crosses are NOT from plots but from the walkways and buildings. Some come from old church pathways.

Heavy cast iron, these beauties carry their original patina, but often not their original form....much breakage has occurred over the years leaving the most glorious remnants!! We think it creates an even more-perfect decorating solution for little nooks, above doorways, ON doors....well, the possibilities are endless.

Of course, we have many of these Cemetery Crosses still intact at the Vintageweave Interiors boutique; contact us for details if interested. These are professionally shipped by one of our preferred carriers in a custom-made crate, thus no breakage occurs en route to your home. AND so long as you have a professional contractor to hang their heavenly heavy bases for you, you may enjoy them in your garden or outdoor patio. (Each fully intact cross weighs approx 35-85 lbs depending on size.)

A narrow wall in a retro black and red kitchen creates a perfect spot for a black remnant....

My most favorite home for these remnants: on a gate door!! My signature touch for many clients! Affix with appropriate screws on top and bottom so remnant does not move when gate door opens/closes. {TIP: place appropriate paint color on your index finger and dab on the screw to hide the silvery newness of the screw.}

Some new additions at the brick and mortar boutique and online boutique.....

Click on any picture to enlarge and shop for available remnants (inventory comes in frequently) at Vintageweave Interiors or contact us for fully-intact crosses.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

A Love of Cooking-Pioneer Style

{Photo courtesy of Ree Drummond, The Pioneer Woman}

As much as I love reading blogs or websites, I have very little time to indulge and rarely can sit and surf. I have come across so many beautiful websites, mainly after a lovely woman or man has commented on my blog, or sent me a private email. These sites almost always get bookmarked for a visit later.....sadly, I never get the time to do so.

But every now and then a friend will send a link that I'll go gaga over. These usually include low-calorie (NOT), sugar free (SO NOT) cooking sites. I love to cook. I love to shop AND cook so I'm dangerous in a Williams Sonoma or Sur La Table. DANGER-OUS! {Because everyone NEEDS a coffee cup size whisk or radish peeler or panini press or 3 types of waffle makers...}
So now.......Periodically, I plan to share my fave sites here, in hopes that YOU will find one you love also, and visit it again and again, thereby making up for my lack thereof.
I share this one with you and and hope you'll enjoy the recipes and photos as much as I do (be sure to check out the photography section if you are more of the type who feels the oven is merely for storing stuff)....

P.S. Don't you LOVE the blue transferware used in the above photo??

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Livres Magnifique!!

{Book/Mail Display in distressed white wire; $189 now available at }

I love old books!!! Display possibilities are endless....

Rip off the covers and bind with twine for a unique display. This was similar to my table centerpiece at a recent book club I hosted.....

{Old books wrapped in twine bundled in a Vintageweave Round Pedestal Basket - Small}

{Old tattered books play host to Tin Scallop Pedestals in French Grey; $95/ea}

Now offering French Style Decor Books, made of canvas and wood substructure in French Grey or Muted Brown (not shown): $52/trio. Available now at

Read to a child, read to your loved one or simply read to yourself. The art of reading is never lost in any language!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Bounty From Across the Pond

English Fresh Cream Mini Tureens.....
a picture speaks a thousand words: are these not so simply lovely?! $54/ea

The beauty of Europe is travel is easy from country to country when on scouting trips throughout France. A favorite mix is the bounty that England has to offer within our decor schemes.

English Enamel Bread Bins.....
we just NEVER get enough of these! In my own kitchen, one holds court to all my coffee paraphernalia atop my counter (coffee filters, ground coffee, selection of fresh beans, etc).....

All coming SOON to! Or email us ( if you simply can not wait for them to be added to the SHOP NOW site in the next 48 hours! We understand!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

"Hyperventilating" Over French Fabrics

Shared by a quilting friend, check out Pam Holland's lovely tour of Paris and the gorgeous fabrics of this culture......