Sunday, July 18, 2010


We have been busy bees at Vintageweave Interiors!

Our BIG NEWS is that we are EXPANDING....and thus relocating to bigger digs!  This could not be possible without YOU, our loyal customers and clients, many of whom we've been so fortunate to call friends.....

As many who have visited the boutique know, we're set up like a French Flea Market. And since we sell to a lot of set designers, we are always stocked up!

Our Good Fortune is YOUR Good Fortune!

NOW thru August 15
In the boutique only, pop in for once-in-a-lifetime deals!
Many items 10% off, selected items 15-40% off*

(*Excludes Cote Bastide, Blanc D'voire, textiles and cake plates.)

We're relocating just around the corner onto West Third, the hubbub of retail therapy!
More announcements on EXACT location soon....

Here's a sneak peak:

 It needs a tad bit of work...for one, this wallpaper is screaming at me to make it GO AWAY!

Vintageweave Interiors
169 South Fairfax Avenue (at 3rd)
Los Angeles, CA 90036

Vintageweave Interiors
3rd and Fairfax 
Los Angeles, CA 90036

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Why God Invented the French Press

It's been a weary several weeks....far too much to do and far too little time in which to do it to perfection.

I'm guilty. Stress to get it right is self imposed...will stay up until the wee hours for days on end to get it all done JUST SO.

Where to begin? The month has been TREMENDOUS and I'm feeling exceptionally blessed.

Product for showroom displays to Ralph Lauren - Beverly Hills, Ralph Lauren-Greenwich, Joie NYC and Joie Paris, Anthropologie, furniture + accessories for a private Hollywood supper club, and many other retail windows and showroom displays. WHAT FUN!

Mini website redo, plan next buying trip to Paris, work on client's kitchen and study....weeeeeee goes the merry-go-round! {I LOVE IT}  Corporate orders have been on the rise and 170 of these beauties were recently sourced and shipped in record time to meet a most important deadline...

The latest excitement is a top celebrity designer has named VINTAGEWEAVE INTERIORS as a favorite source so HGTV is filming a teensy weeny segment with us...

DUST! CLEAN! VACUUM! FUSS! FUSS! ARRANGE! EDIT! NEW INVENTORY DISPLAY!  You name it, we did it...til the wee, wee hours of the morn.

(Both manicure and pedicure are, um, OFFICIALLY DESTROYED!)  Toes in the Pacific Ocean with my Man will be on the agenda next  (as soon as we get all these orders out and the container unloaded and the Cote Bastide replenished!)
Did I mention lately how UTTERLY FAB and AMAZING my team of helpers are in every inch of their fabulous souls???  I am planning a special thank you picnic just for the lot of them...Something French. Something Bubbly. Something with baguettes, foie gras and vintage red linens.

I once overheard on the Tube in London: "Sleep is for the bored." So it's official. I'M NOT BORED!  Besides...isn't that why God invented the FRENCH PRESS????  Supersize mine, gentle giant.
Bonne Nuit

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

La Quille

It's a beauty! While this is a fairly rare French Military memorabilia item, truth be told we merely fell in love with it for the colors and French writing!  It lived for quite some time in our guest room until an eventual 're do' created a need to find it a new home. {Surely no one is surprised I constantly redecorate and move things in/out of my house as most change shoes??}

Celebrate LA QUILLE!

La Quille (or literally The Pin) was created and gifted to signify one's 1 year of mandatory service in the French military. Back in the day, once a male reached 18 years of age, there was a required one year of service in  La Militaria.  At the end of the year, members of the unit would celebrate the mandatory completion (er, many were NOT happy to serve) by each signing La Quille and a memorial of the time spent was henceforth everlasting! HOW COOL IS THAT?

This one is pretty special as it's from 1961, right after Algeria broke from France during the infamous Algerian War.  The commander of the unit did all the writing of the names in this instance, as was often the case...."when the bell rung stating school was out--nary a soul could be found!"

The Algerian War, or Guerre d'AlgĂ©rie, was a conflict between France and Algeria over movements towards independence from 1954 to 1962, when Algeria eventually gained its independence from France.

 This wooden pillar sits 24" H x 5" Diameter. All original paint and markings, with wood cracks indicative of age. $395; France, circa 1961.

A gorgeous home decor item...and even more special if you're a fan of military memorabilia!  Find this wood beauty,  La Quille, online now or by emailing us.

UPDATE: we had SO MUCH FUN with the contest on guessing this item with our FACEBOOK friends...literally up most of the evening laughing with tears! Thanks to all of them who played and congrats to winner, Andrea Guiterrez -formerly of Geneva, now of Los Angeles, who won the pair of vintage French tea towels!  This one was a tough MYSTERY ITEM, but more to come in weeks ahead! MYSTERY ITEM GAME FOUND ONLY ON OUR FACEBOOK PAGE!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Creating something of Beauty

Over 300 grain bags have been checked and sized....

It's always fun for us at Vintageweave when new arrivals fill up the shop and warehouse and laundry room and workroom, and, and, and....fortunately we have good help as you can see...

 {Biscuit assessing the inventory}

Some have created clothespin bags and small apple sacks...what will you create?  We'd love to share what you dream up...drop us an email!

Authentic European Grain Bags in stock now (more added to the site soon!)--call us if you don't see what you need  ON OUR WEBSITE as we've yet to add them all!  323.932. 0451 or