Sunday, May 18, 2008

Farmer's Market Maven

Sunday morn'...a quick visit to your local Farmer's Market will do you good, as well as the environment.

If you're not near an actual produce market, dream of this retailer's creative display in Paris.
"Oh, the French, how they style....."

Don't forget to take along one or three of your favorite Vintagewave Market Totes!

Dash and Albert Rug Totes are just that: made from rugs. Washable and dog friendly. Both Dash and Albert are dogs who test drive all their creations! $56/each available now in many flavors at Vintageweave!

They hold just about anything! While they certainly look ultra chic, the best part is they are REALLY USEFUL: leather reinforced bottom & straps with a generous 6" gusset.


Anonymous said...

i love these! i have one in that blue ticking but i LOVE these new colors! are they in stock at the store now????

Anonymous said...

Kathy: in one of the pics there is a green and white pillow/fabric. Do you sell this? I lvoe it and would be very interested. Also the green stripe fabric on the chair....Meg

Anonymous said...

Mine is so beautiful, I've received so many compliments--its time for a new one..I especially love the blue stripe...

Meander said...

Oh I just adore the ticking bag - why is that just such a versatile fabric? I could seriously find a way to use it in virtually every room I ever design from modern to country, to shabby chic or coastal. Love it!

Kathy said...

I agree everyone! The ticking is just TIMELESS and I adore it so. I get so many people stopping me when I use it (I often use it as a camera bag/fabric samples carrier).