Saturday, August 30, 2008

Paris Cote Bastide

One of the beautiful things about my chosen career is that I can pop over to Paris, meet with the most inspiring artisans and craftsmen, write it off, and call it work.........{"Nice work if you can get it, you can get it....}

When in Paris proper, there are several "must stops". One is always, always, always afternoon tea here:

I'm partial to the one in Le Marais, off Rue du Bourg-Tibourg. No matter how short the business trip or how packed the schedule, I always pop in here for a proper spot of tea. This quick buying trip was no exception.

Another must-not-miss for me, is the Paris outpost of Cote Bastide, probably one of my most favorite family of artists and soap creators as we share mutual sensibilities. Of course they take it to a level that makes me swoon!
I love the simplciity of colors reminiscent of my three favorite fabrics: linen, hemp, and burlap. They throw just the right spot of red into the mix, too.

I'm particularly loving their simplistic snow white packaging for the Coton and Lait lines.

All are available now at Vintageweave. Stay tuned for some fun twists I've done with some of their textiles and fashioned them into unique uses for a client's eclectic is cutting and repurposing this grand laundry bag into bathroom curtains...

Passed by this artistic display while walking down Rue Mambourg. Love when soap is artistic. so touchable. so inviting. french.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Chicken without a head!

Well to say I've been busy is the biggest understatement of the year for me!

(Vintage French iron fence posts finials; $89)

These ladies have lost their bodies, but it reminds me of the chicken running around without its head....which is not a pretty picture so I'm opting for female heads instead! I've not lost my's actually on quite straight as I work extremely well under pressure. But I do feel like I'm running around like that ol' chicken.....!

Oooooh.... and MY. FEET. NEED. A. MASSAGE. In a massively big way.

Alas, no time for a massage so I'm stealing quiet, rare moments near this Antique French garden angel I just acquired for the boutique. Isn't she lovely?

Sorry there hasn't been a spare bit of time to blog and share as the fun things happening!

The projects have been both fast&furious and confidential in nature. Such is the life of working amongst celebrities---their lives and activities and decorating habits must often stay private. Bah humbug I know. The world is just too accessible anymore and the media twists and turns every little thing out of context with them. Many of my confidentiality agreements have specifically included blogging issues, so I've kept quiet to play it safe.

We're quite busy in the boutique and on the website, too! Hired two new part timers to help keep up: a great handyman/warehouse helper and lovely design assistant to help with running around picking up fabrics, drops to the upholsterer, order pick ups, etc, etc....

We have barely had time to visit this room:

(reproduction Toilets wood sign; $49)

I'll be back around more often now that it's all gotten a bit under control! I did manage to take a quick trip across the pond so more on that buying trip later....

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Antique Doors Repurposed

It always fascinates me when craftsmen can take a portion of antique wood and marry it to new wood seamlessly........the results are an amazing reproduction to fit all needs. In this case, to house a flat screen television to lift out of a credenza, or hide behind armoire doors.

While antiques are always preferred in my design world, there are often times when a custom made piece is more appropriate to the scale or room feel............we're making two new credenzas to house a 64" and another for a 42" flat screen HD tv' on those when they are finished!

These antique doors will be the front of a newly-designed cabinet at some point....

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Alice, Oh Alice....

Haven't been able to blog much...or rest much for that matter!

It's been beyond busy here at Vintageweave and we're finding that we're having to turn design business away the plate is so full....

Among the many SUPER FUN projects going, we are asking our blogger friends to help if they have in their possession any antique lace that looks like this for a set design for Tim Burton's adaptation of Alice in Wonderland....

Many old and wonderful items are being gathered for the tea party, but ten yards of this lace is really needed quite quickly so email us if you have it stored away some where! As with all set designs, timing is immediate so after the director walk-through on Thursday, August 14, it will no longer be needed....

Filming starts in October (shooting in London and Los Angeles), and this is a project I personally can't wait to see through to fruition as Tim will do wacky and wondrous things to this beloved story I'm sure!
A sweet young Australian will take the coveted role of ALICE, but
Of course it doesn't hurt that this mug will be gracing the role of Mad Hatter...

And I promise to be back to blogging soon with pics and stories of all the wonderful projects!

(A special shout out to Ms Hillary Duff and her lovely Mama for their treat today, and for their enourmous hearts to rescue such needy animals. My niece will be tickled pink. Ms Hillary really is such a doll and neat young woman y'all.)

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Look What the Stork Dropped Off!

{Vintage French Fabric Pillows-many sizes and various colorways; $245 and up}

New to Vintageweave this week....!

{Heavenly Lavender  Chunks of Marseille Soap; real dried hulls - $13}

{Antique French Pitch Pots--New shipment of 3-4" diameter, 5-6" tall: $42/ea}

{Small Antique French Hat Racks}

All items new at Vintageweave Interiors! Shop for any and all online now by going to SHOP NOW section. Happy Hunting!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

A Whirlwind!

I haven't been able to blog lately as the, platter-super-sized platter....hath runneth over!

Helping a client move in to an Ojai Italian Villa has proved to be just as fun as I had imagined, but with all the months of treasure hunting and a full week of doing the initial install, there is still an entire notebook full of TO DO's...

This is all understandable.  Once one moves in to a new home, it takes a bit of time to feel the soul.  After the big pieces are arranged after you "feel" their positioning,  then tweaks & changes are usually necessary. We're editing out and adding in....and also now moving on to the missing bits and bobs.  One task for the next couple of weeks is to complete new outdoor cushions and pillows as the outdoor scheme is changing a bit now (about 65!) and still many, many (MANY!!) items to hunt for and then position.

More Gathering! More Shopping! Fun! Fun! Fun! I'm beyond loving all the treasure hunting!

I promise to back in touch in a day or so with actual pictures....

Some of the product being placed in and around this gorgeous setting nestled amongst orange groves, national forest, Santa Barbara mountains, and blue, blue sky:

I love using antique Batik pillows around a European decor scheme...nestled on Tuscan mustard hemp and white cotton twill, the colors add a pop without overpowering a room...

I found an old garden chair and made it into a princess chair on the deck outside a little girl's room. Sunbrella fabric in Canvas Natural will keep it outdoor friendly.

Ready for morning toast!