Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Coffee, Tea or Chocolat?

Antique French Lait Bowls $28-49

Some even use these lovelies as cereal bowls, but we'd rather imagine sipping Café au Lait sitting along the Siene on Que de la Tournelle....adorned with gloves, beret and a small Moleskin notebook musing about the day's adventures...

After all, cafes are the heartbeat of Paris. Its living stage. Anyone who has sat more than 5 minutes at any café or bistro knows you are suddenly immersed into the Parisian way of life. And since these establishments don't follow trends, they are simply FRENCH CHIC.

I once knew a woman who'd pull her French tableware out, sip her coffee and then write out a postcard in the comfort of her front porch; she'd send that very postcard to herself which noted the approximate date and location of where she wanted to visit next. Dreams aliven the spirit!

Just brought back from France, Antique Lait Bowls in a variety of colors and sizes.
Available now at vintageweave.com

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Lin Natural

One of our best sellers is finally back in stock...

*Just arrived from Aix en Provence*

For those seeking high quality along with French design detailing, the latter of which always reaches the highest of roads!

French linen tea towels stamped Lin Natural in French, English and Italian. Farmhouse sized at a generous 28 x 38, and cloth hanging tab. $49/ea

Friday, January 22, 2010

Having a Heart

January is always one of our busiest months at Vintageweave Interiors. It's been this way since we opened our doors six years ago.....

many want to start the new year with a fresh look + crazy, busy awards' season in Los Angeles

This year, we have been blessed with having an extremely fruitful January during a time when part of our world is experiencing devastation in unimaginable measure.

Thanks TO ALL OF YOU who supported Vintageweave during January, we were able to take a portion of our proceeds and donate to help the relief efforts in HAITI. $4,000 was donated yesterday from the business to Catholic Charities /Haiti Fund (to aid the orphans) and to Doctors Without Borders. This would not have been possible without YOUR SUPPORT!

While many of us have likely given from our own pockets (myself included), I'm especially grateful that the business was able to do our small part. Our prayers for the people of Haiti continue along with yours....

With gratitude,
Kathy Delgado

We are all connected....
We all share a heart....
"Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them humanity cannot survive."
~ Dalai Lama

Friday, January 15, 2010

Nous Vous Aimons!

{Noir Heart Votive; $20/ea}

In anticipation of Valentine's Days, we offer you these glorious Noir Heart Votives, lined with Mercury Glass. In a word: Stunning!
We love this holiday as it serves as a reminder to tell those you hold dear that you love them!
Available now at Vintageweave....www.vintageweave.com or vintageweave@aol.com or 323.932.0451.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Bordeaux anyone?

Whether or not you are a lover of wine, the uniqueness of wine paraphernalia has always been an attractive decor item in our design schemes for many clients.

These antique French wine jugs are FANTASTIC....!! We scooped up all we could and while many sold the moment they were placed in the boutique, about 20 still remain.

All in GREAT condition and each comes shipped in a crate made from old wood (crate not antique).

While gorgeous displayed just as they are, we had one on display in the boutique as shown below. An owner of a new Napa Valley restaurant loved it so much, he's having us put together three bottles filled for his restaurant display. Tres chic! Fortunately we came across boxes and boxes of corks being discarded by a Napa Winery last year...finally found the perfect use!

New container from our latest French buying trip in now!
Antique French Bordeaux Wine Jugs
Circa 1930-1940
$415 includes crate shown
Multiples available now at "Vintageweave.com"