Saturday, May 12, 2012

Mendocino Farms Design - Part 1

Mendocino Farms new Flagship at 3rd/Fairfax in Los Angeles. Graphics derive from the concept of the notes+ideas one would find on a chef's desk: recipes, quotes, sketches

I'm so in love with this restaurant concept. Head chef/sandwich king of Mendocino Farms is one of the most delightful clients I've ever had the pleasure to work with. His ideas are cutting-edge cool, laced with swagger, function and thoughtfulness {A chalkboard wall for kids near a "family-style table", a Buggy Parking Area...Ohh Emm Gee it's all too amazing my head is swirling}.

The foundation of  COOL VIBE is already in place. He's come to me to fill in the gaps in keeping with the vibe and charisma. He tells me enthusiastically: "I totally get your look. I totally love your look. I totally need your look."  Well, you had me at hello!

I'm set to task. In the first meeting we looked at this drab, unfinished women's bathroom. I knew immediately the mirror I would love for this spot. He immediately knew he loved what I spec'd. What a team!  {TIP: A pre-loaded collection of inventory and idea photos on an iPad make design decisions happen instantaneously.}  I offer up ideas and he smiles. He smiles A LOT. My favorite kind of person. I meet part of his dynamic team and they smile A LOT. It all flows from the top, baby.

So cool! Turned over these will be installed as light fixtures. "Stanford, thanks for the degree! I'm now playing with clothespins!"
A combo of tall and short tables all with French bistro cast iron bases and a combo of round black Carrera marble and square white.
Drab bathrooms. Will bring in a mirror for each (women's and men's ) as well as a cool functioning cabinet to house essentials.

Women's bathroom mirror. One down, One to go....

Pressed tin everywhere. Love the industrial clean with the warm touches.

A glimpse as to the heart and soul of this company. This corner will house a family table where the bottom portion of the chalk wall will be painted with different style chalkboard paint that can be easily washed. Kids will be encouraged to bring out their inner Picasso's.

Much to do and an aggressive plan at that since they are slated to open in 3-4 weeks.  Oh, Darn....MORE SHOPPING.....{To be continued}....

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