Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Drawer Liners

I love drawer liners. Such an unexpected treat for the senses upon opening a cabinet, desk or bathroom drawer. Materials I love to line with:
vintage music sheets, vintage love letters, beautiful material scraps, wallpaper clips, photocopied collage of photographs and my most favorite, scented liners intended just for drawers....

Now at Vintageweave get your favorite pattern and scent!
Lavender, Fresh Linen, Tresors des Mers (Wisteria and Jasmine) Rose or Rice Flower (love the black and white print).
All heavenly scents. $24.50/box ( 6 sheets) or $22/box for two boxes or more.

line the entire drawer, 3/4 does the trick just fine.

Simple indulgences.
It's what makes daily life fun and interesting.
Drawer Liners


Anonymous said...

I have the tresors and am in love with the scent. thank you, kathy, for taking time to show these to me and glad you are sharing it now with the blog world. my drawers thank you too :)

Anonymous said...

I really love the lavender.

Anonymous said...

I just ordered several and received them yesterday eve when I got home from work. Lined all my drawers this morning and love it so much that I just finished ordering more from you on the website!
Lisa B (ohio)