Saturday, December 26, 2009

Bonne Année

{Holiday Bounty Trunk as created by my darling mother}

Need a creative housewarming gift for the New Year?

Gather up a few vintage items and insert real fruit, baked goods and few plants (not flowers) for planting in the new year!

Shown here is a vintage trunk as the base. Added in are two antique spooners to hold fresh cuttings....and an antique binocular case with a few holes drilled in the bottom--add in some succulants. Dispersed are fresh lemons from the backyard tree (or grocery store!) and you have a gift from the heart and garden!

Or a Cheese set paired with a Cheese board is always appreciated!

Lagioule Cheese Set with French Chese Board (left; $67) or Farmhouse Cheese set with French Cheese Board (right; $60)....both wrapped and ready to present! Available at or by calling 323.932.0451.

Be safe and thank you for your incredible support this past year! We love what we do and love that you love the treasures we unearth. Incredibly bounty of new finds will be presented over the coming weeks....get our 'yer drool bucket!

Blessings+Peace+Health+Happiness to each and every one of you!

Kathy Delgado
Vintageweave Founder

Friday, December 18, 2009

Merry Christmas Shoe You!

{Vintage shoe molds; $44 small size - 51 large}

For the guy or girl who has VERY picky taste in shoes......
vintage shoe molds are just the ticket!

In various sizes+shapes. We think they look grand as a pair, but split them up and they each become a fantastic paper weight for the desk!

And if you're heading to Paris for holiday, be sure to get a proper French pedicure for those toes. While affordable walk-in's are not to be found in Paris, a treat you surely deserve at least once!

One of my favorites:
Darphin (yes--the fab skincare line! They do mani/pedi's in the back! Get an incredible facial while you're at it)
350 Rue Saint Honore
1st Arron.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

One can not cook with an ugly pot!

{French Potato Masher; $75 at}

During one of my magical trips to St Tropez, I participated in a bistro cooking class. I'll never forget overhearing an instructor comment to a colleague "I can not cook with an ugly pot!" as she grabbed a copper tureen. I loved this! This past March I added to my own copper pot collection, a cocette ronde a couv (round concotte with lid) with a visit to my favorite Paris haunt, a chef's paradise:
"E Dehillerin"

Tucked away in the south of France is a cozy, blue kitchen with a simple
wooden table in the center and a door leading quietly out to a back garden. The
walls are covered in hanging antique objects--egg beaters, ladles, a
pewter pans (all in perpetual use)--and shelves are crammed with vintage china
and colorful pottery bowls (the ones wiht the cracks and chips have the most
character). It is one of the most welcoming kitchens I have ever seen
--and some of the most welcoming food you can imagine comes out of it."

The above and below quotes are favorite excepts from
"The Country Cooking of France" ~ Anne Willan
"I can do everything by hand--with a mortar and pestle, a knife, a
whisk--it's so much more sensual

Call us or order online this incredible book--a delight for the tummy and the eyes! Chock full of gorgeous pictures and interesting tidbits surrounding the country cooking style of the south of France.

11.5 x 8.5 hardcover; $49
now available at ""

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Countdown 'til Christmas!

"Le travail n'épouvante que les âmes faibles."

{Work only frightens feeble souls.}

Working like busy, busy, busy elves at Vintageweave!

Wrapping like mad, taking phone orders, filling internet orders, and helping our loyal boutique customers near and far. Gift basket orders through the wazoo and still plenty more ribbon for you!

STARTING TODAY, ALL NON-WEST COAST ORDERS SHIP PRIORITY MAIL**** insuring your Christmas packages arrive within 2 business days! Did we mention FREE GIFT WRAPPING (when feasible)................?? {**** high value items or items of a certain size can not ship via USPS.}

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Holiday Rouge and more...

{Vintage Grain Bags; $44-$58}

Hustle+Bustle+Holiday Cheer...means you know what is almost here!

A new bounty of grain sacks are in and this time it's a ROUGE-ROUGE-ROUGE pile! About 200 have been placed in the boutique and a fabulous selection is available online.

This time around several are available in the same style for your bigger projects (this will be noted in the description as "multiples available").

Not the best picture, but we did this to one of our five trees when we couldn't find another stand. Instant fix in a pinch!

A little something under the tree? We're crazy for this hard-to-find tabletop size Antique French Bottle Dryer. Measuring 18.5" H x 16" W.
{French Antique Bottle Dryer; Model 18b--$415}

Need something for the stocking or smaller under the tree? Who doesn't love to receive Cote Bastide packaging+scents+quality??
{Cote Bastide Fig Salts in xl box; $72}

Happy Hunting+Holiday Cheer!
All available now at or by calling 323.932.0451
Visit our boutique: 169 South Fairfax Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90036
(We're located in the Hollywood area, across from CBS Studios, The Grove, and The Farmers' Market at 3rd Street.)

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Got Lait?

Sunday brunch table settings just topped the charts!

We love Sunday brunch entertaining as the possibilities are not only endless, but relatively easy! Brioche doesn't have to be difficult, nor does French Toast. My only requirement with these is the use of REAL maple syrup! (Incidentally, the smaller bottle looks so CUTE with syrup inside!)

New offerings to hold milk, cream, eggnog......

In two sizes: Few Friends ($17) and Lotsa Friends ($24)

Available now at "Vintageweave Interiors"

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Glittermania + Celebrity Spotlight

{3 foot Table Top Bejewelled Eiffel; also available in 5 and 7 foot}

Real German Glass Glitter is such a favorite, mainly because after it's exposd to air for a period of time it takes on a gorgeous antiqued patina: from Shiny silver to Gorgeous Gold-ish.

One of our favorite artists in this arena is the uber-talented Wendy Addison. Her creations always fly out the door.....

Sharon Osbourne is a fan, too. While many of the treasures Sharon buys from us are one-of-a kind, she's a big fan of Eiffel Towers, like the 3 foot one she purchased above. But she also loves the German Glass Glitter ones, too. Some of her favorite glittery Eiffels:

Go to the SEASONAL page within our online store under SHOP NOW to purchase. Quantities are limited during this season as people are loading up!! "Vintageweave Shopping"

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Merci....a gift of thanks!

This season among our blessings are ALL OF OUR LOYAL CUSTOMERS AND CLIENTS! This year was challenging for so many we hold near and dear, and because we were so blessed with a wonderful business year, we were able to help so many less fortunate.

We appreciate your mutual love of beautiful treasures SO VERY, VERY MUCH!

Our gift to you!
RIGHT NOW through Tuesday, December 1, midnight:

No code, no coupon, no standing in long lines, no getting up at 4am (unless you want to!).....

Happy Thanksgiving, and may yours be blessed and joyous!

Shop at our online store SHOP NOW at "Vintageweave Interiors"

{*$75 before tax or shipping--ONLINE ORDERS ONLY}

Monday, November 23, 2009

Let's Get This Party Started with Cote Bastide!

Let's get this party started! Cote Bastide products have such a massive following so we'll kick Black Friday WEEK with a selection from our just-unloaded container from Aix en Provence..FREE Vintage Cross with purchase of Cote Bastide NOEL Orange Linen Water (through Saturday 11/29) only. {Cross: $24 value}

Cote Bastide Noel Orange Linen Water; $65.00
Through Saturday only--Includes FREE Vintage Wood Cross for BLOG and FACEBOOK readers only.
IMPORTANT: MUST ENTER IN COMMENTS of online order form: "NOEL" to receive the special price and cross. We process so many phone and internet orders daily that we CAN NOT provide discount unless "NOEL" is mentioned or written PRIOR TO PLACING ORDER.
Vintageweave Interiors

Saturday, November 21, 2009

A Little Face Time!

It's can now find our face in a book....FACEBOOK THAT IS.

Make a cup of tea (or grab a glass of wine), Sit in a comfy chair, Log on, and Become a Fan! Please visit us for daily updates as we unload our daily shipments now through Christmas! Private special offers just for our facebook followers....!
Quick Search for: Vintageweave Interiors

Become a fan on facebook today! Don't have an account?? Well...did you know it's completely free and easy (hey, even our mom did it!).

Spreading love and light---

The Star of Mercury

Because Mercury Ornaments should be big, bold and beautiful!

Mercury Star now offered in a whopping 10" diameter....available now at or by calling 323.932.0451.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Santa's Los Angeles Workshop Redux

We've been inundated lately with requests to bring back our hemp/burlap/linen stockings...calls from Canada, emails from Australia and everywhere in between! So here's an old post showing them in all their glory once again...they are at the shop now and will be online soon at

From 2008.....
We've been busy gathering and creating Christmas delights.....a sneak peak with more to come!

Our favorite French fabric: HEMP, of course!

Hemp and Burlap....Hemp and Linen.....French red thread, burlap many ideas floating!!

.....coming to soon or call to get your order in as quantities will be limited! These are HAND CRAFTED in our workroom from glorious French linens...

Friday, November 6, 2009

Serviettes - Très bon!

{Rooster: Ferme de la Colline Serviettes: $15/two packages of 20)

Pretty table dressing, just like in the Turkey, deserves something special!

{Hillside Dairy Brown Cow: Etable due Coteau}

Swoon if you must, we're right there with you! These packages of 20 paper napkins are sold in pairs, in any combo you desire! Three-ply and chlorine free.
I'm almost embarrassed to admit that I'm planning a themed dinner party around the diary cows! I love them all!

And when the table itself needs a refresher, try this on for size. Cotton and fully machine washable. Plus the lovely embroidery is just that, embroidered, and not silk screened. {We wouldn't dare do that to your table!}

{Bon Appétit Cotton Tablecloth; $120 for a 60 x98 cotton beauty}

Très bon appétit!

Friday, October 30, 2009


As the air gets brisk, scatter rugs become essential not just aesthetic!
We've been waiting and waiting and begging and begging, and finally our friends at Dash & Albert succumbed: a ticking in BLACK.
Black Birmingham Ticking is our new fave!~

Available NOW at in the following array of sizes:
2 x 3.............4 x 6.........6 x 9.........8 x 10..........9 x 12 well as perfect runners of 8 and 12 foot long.
Equally wonderful for the floor or your wall are these new La Croix Jute/Burlap Rugs. Because they are nice and thin and have a SUPER tight weave, they aren't itchy. This makes them pretty wonderful as a topper for the long dining room table, too! (We layered ours by angling it over a extra large white simple cotton cloth))

{La Croix Jute Rug; in 30 x 60 rug or 20 x 60 runner}

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

French Linen, Cote Bastide Style

{Cote Bastide Lin Naturel Tablecloth; $289}

New linens from Cote Bastide are in the house!

As with most Cote Bastide items, our drool bucket runneth over.....this beauty was spotted and the Paris show and I couldn't wait to get my hands on one for my own home. I bought three at the Paris retail store and two clients snapped them up immediately (one went home with me NATURALLY).

Fits a table for 6 or 8 at 200 x 160 cm. In Cote Bastide's signature linen, this washes up beautifully in the cold cycle and line dries. Don't you just love the soft black writing?? All stamped with "100% Lin Naturel" in French, American and Italian.

I'm crazy for the colors of linen, black and red....this designer stamp in red on bottom right is so simply French....details like this make me smile wide.

Before you thought it didn't get any better, offerings coming soon in a to-die-for Apron and lushly-thick linen TEA TOWELS!

This classic Cote Bastide pure linen tea towels {red stripe or blue stripe} is a monthly sellout.

The runner offered in each of the colors is fantastic, but the newest offering is especially OH LA LA: A TIE TAB CURTAIN! Same pure linen. Same Cote Bastide quality textile. (Curtain currently available in only blue stripe).
{CB Proterie Blue Stripe Linen Curtain; $149}

My kitchen is officially in love! A bevy of more love is available at VINTAGEWEAVE.COM

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Beauty from France's Cemeteries

Scattered throughout France are Cemetery Crosses from the late 1800's and early 1900's. These are sold to professional dealers as new cemeteries are designed; these crosses are NOT from plots but from the walkways and buildings. Some come from old church pathways.

Heavy cast iron, these beauties carry their original patina, but often not their original form....much breakage has occurred over the years leaving the most glorious remnants!! We think it creates an even more-perfect decorating solution for little nooks, above doorways, ON doors....well, the possibilities are endless.

Of course, we have many of these Cemetery Crosses still intact at the Vintageweave Interiors boutique; contact us for details if interested. These are professionally shipped by one of our preferred carriers in a custom-made crate, thus no breakage occurs en route to your home. AND so long as you have a professional contractor to hang their heavenly heavy bases for you, you may enjoy them in your garden or outdoor patio. (Each fully intact cross weighs approx 35-85 lbs depending on size.)

A narrow wall in a retro black and red kitchen creates a perfect spot for a black remnant....

My most favorite home for these remnants: on a gate door!! My signature touch for many clients! Affix with appropriate screws on top and bottom so remnant does not move when gate door opens/closes. {TIP: place appropriate paint color on your index finger and dab on the screw to hide the silvery newness of the screw.}

Some new additions at the brick and mortar boutique and online boutique.....

Click on any picture to enlarge and shop for available remnants (inventory comes in frequently) at Vintageweave Interiors or contact us for fully-intact crosses.