Friday, May 9, 2008

Pasadena Showcase House 2008

Vintageweave was honored when asked to play a small part in this amazing undertaking!

A little bit about the house itself: The property, overlooking the San Gabriel Mountains, was built in 1919 by architect Henry Harwood Hewitt whose job it was to create the owner's Moorish Design, so Henry was sent on an expense-paid trip to Alhambra and Granada, SPAIN to study, learn, and copy! It's been said that the 14-room, Spanish Colonial Revival house rivals that of the construction of Hearst Castle, and this home certainly is a castle. The original cost of this award-winning architectural masterpiece was $250,000...GULP....that may have been an incredible amount back then, but this is California, after all, where homes prices are so exorbitantly priced so you can imagine the value today is well over $8.5M. Some notable owners of this castle have been J.A. Powers (RKO Pictures), Patrick Anthony Powers (one of the founders of Universal Pictures) and others.

Thanks to the two amazing designers who brought us in...big shout out to lovely and talented Antoinette Loupe (In the Loupe).

Can you imagine walking past this every morning??! Oh, how the other .000002 percent live......!

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