Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Islands of Paris: Part I

One of our more charming and delightful clients has a fabulous apartment on Ille de la Cite, which is point zero for the grid system in all of Paris. On a recent trip we were given the keys to work on filling it with furniture and providing the Vintageweave touch.

She's got FAB taste and has wonderful accessories (yes, some from VW!). Her collection of black and white photographs lining the white embossed wall covering walls were sensational. REALLY fell in love with her ceilings. {more pics later}
From the living room windows the view is MAGNIFIQUE! She looks RIGHT UPON Notre Dame de Paris Cathedral...holy moly I'd never leave Paris! This pic below is her view of this artistic masterpiece of French Gothic design (albeit from a different angle, but the beauty is the same). I'll give you a minute. The green overtakes your body with envy I know.

Did you know?
*Notre Dame means "our lady" in French;
*Construction began in 1163, with completion around 1335;
*This masterpiece was horribly desecrated during the French Revolution in late 1790's. Much of the religious imagery was
either damaged or destroyed (can you even IMAGINE how beautiful it must have looked like before???);
*A serious and steadfast restoration began in the 19th C, bringing her back to her original breathtaking beauty;
*A formal maintenance and restoration program begin in the late 1990's and is still going on now;
*It is an active Roman Catholic Church today and where the French Archbishop sits. Ohhh to hear a mass given in the elegant French language and the
hymns sung by a French choir is indescribable loveliness.

Ok so you did your soul some good now do your palette some good: On this island you MUST have ice creme (or a tartine) at Bertillian, 31 Rue St Louis. Known as the best ice cream in all of Paris, this spot doesn't disappoint! Flavors rotate but my personal fave is banana coconut...mmmmm......


Anonymous said...

plz do show some pics of what you did to her place. i can only imagine how great. share! meg

Anonymous said...

Well I've been to Notre Dame in South Bend, IN and that impressed me...but this. the original..well it's breathtaking.
Thanks again for the visual tour of magnificent Paris.