Saturday, January 31, 2009

Grain Sacks Tres Bon

You won't BELIEVE what our favorite French atelier is up to with our beloved vintage grain sacks......(trust us...this doesn't even begin to show you what they've done. We can't show the designs JUST yet...but imagine leather handles on beach totes, grain bag handles on market totes, messenger bags....all repurposing these beloved vintage grain bags.

Totes Coming in Spring!

We've loaded up on a TON of grains sacks and many, many creations forthcoming.... (

Of course, we also stay TRES busy selling these beauties in their original form...grain sacks and wagon covers...

New Inventory in NOW!
French Grain Bags available online soon at but can be obtained NOW by emailing or calling 323.932.0451 (Los Angeles) with your requested colorway

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Paris Winding Down

It's been a whirlwind and as usual I've packed in far more than a day's hours allow....but with so much treasure hunting to be done....well, leaves little time for sleeping! Besides, that's what the plane ride is for!

Headed back to the States soon....the bounty of treasures are plentiful and I can't wait to start sharing them with you. Well, some for me and some for you! The Euro exchange has vastly improved since my last trip in October so that's been a plus.

After 15+ trips, I am still learning so much with each adventure.
This trip? It's been jaw dropping over the countless and unending celebrations here over newly-inducted President Obama. People are literally turning to us in restaurants when they hear our American accents merely to say "Bravo on your new President!" Even the cab drivers are taking to sharing their elation over this new President.... As Americans I think we often forget the impact our decisions have on the world as a whole....

Whenever I wind down any business trip here, I always feel a bit melancholy to say Au Revoir to the beauty of this magical City, but what I know to really miss are the boulangeries, bistros, and brasseries!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Paris Hunts, Haunts & Home Depot

I love being in Paris (well, that goes without saying, oui?)
A wee bit of snow flurries
A temperature not reaching much above 33 degrees (F)
Hats, gloves, boots, scarves
A large, welcoming American Presidential Inaguration celebration/showing at City Hall (free, mind you, to the public; this event is a VERY big deal here in Paris. Very big deal.)
Did I mention, buttery flakey croissants?
Visiting favorite haunts (most fabulous ribbon store, the venerable Paris Gift/Home Decor/Textile World Expo Show, Maison & Objet, at week's end, a textile manufacturing--shhh---where they create fabrics for the likes of Chanel!!).....
........Hunting vintage finds at obscure flea markets and private sales....
...................Shopping the local "home depot" as I work on a client's Paris apartment....

I promise to share details and pics when I return in February....
Au Revoir!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

"Oh for the Love of Cheese SALE"

I am a HUGE lover of cheese....all cheese. California and Wisconsin really have some amazing cheese, but for over-the-top heavenly cheese I indulge in French cheese.  WHILE IN FRANCE, I OFTEN WILL ENJOY A LEISURELY LUNCH ON THE LAWNS FACING THE EIFFEL TOWER EATING NOTHING BUT BREAD, SELECTION OF CHEESES AND WINE!

Roquefort is especially yummy so long as you can handle the visible mold indicative of a true blue cheese.

On his way out of office, George W. Bush has decided to triple the import duties on the French cheese in response to the European Union's refusal to import the hormone-laden American beef. QUEL HORROR!

I don't eat red meat and I don't live in France so the latter doesn't affect me. However the duty on French cheese does!!!

In fact,  the president of  France's cheese home region, Martin Malvy, has sent President-elect Obama a specially sealed box of Roquefort to celebrate his swearing in. Monsier Malvy explained: "The inauguration of Barack Obama is a source of great hopes, particularly of better relations between the United States and Europe. I therefore sent this prestigious product of the Pyrenees," What a funny gift! A case of stinky, pungent cheese! Silly French!
My little gift to counteract this annoying duty increase to my beloved Roquefort A SALE * SALE * SALE * SALE * SALE!
First for our blog reading friends: A Whopping 20% off any item in Paris Flea Market Accessories and Apothecary* departments of our online store.

{A formal sale will be sent out to our mailing list in about a week so you guys are getting first dibs!}

*Sale applies to entire order;
*Does not apply to items already reduced;
*IN STOCK items only; once an item sells out and gets placed on backorder, the savings does not apply. After you place your order we will confirm via email that the item is still in stock;
*Only applicable for items in Paris Flea Market Accessories and Apothecary;
* Sale is NOW through Wednesday, Jan 21 midnight PST;
* Order online and merely type in the Comments Section: CHEESE and the 20% will be applied!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Malibu in January

Most days right now are spent in the Paradise Cove beach area of Malibu working on a client's outdoor home area. Having grown up in Chicago, I still have a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that it's January 12 and so beautiful outside (88 degrees today)! Even though I've lived in CA for over 20 years now, it continues to boggle my mind!

{The view as I approach my client's beautiful oceanfront home}

More new items will slowly be added to the website when we all get a breather!  A preview.....

{French Antique Bottle Dryer}

{French Vintage Champagne Buckets--over 135 in stock! $135-$195}
{Vintage Enamel Pitchers with Labels; varying sizes/labels: $140 and up}
{Vintage French Wash Bins with original labels}

Vintageweave Interiors
Los Angeles

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Golden Ticket

We had a fun week creating many Golden Globe-related gift baskets. Each was personalized and tailored to a specific movie depending on what role the recipient played in what movie....whether a hairdresser, agent, casting, producer, or talent.......

A popular theme was starting with a base of our Paris Coffee Lovers Basket............if you LOVE coffee, you will LOVE this selection of amazing Cote Bastide Coffee Candle (oh heaven) and Hediard Ground Coffee and a selection of CD's by Putamaya (one being a collection of songs from well-known coffee bean countries such as Brazil.)
{We were especially thrilled to be able to create a basket which included a pair of tickets to Brazil along with a letter of congratulations on securing a part in a movie soon to start filming in!}

Hollywood is in the throws of its frenzied awards season.....Bravo for the Cinema!

While we don't have a golden ticket to attend the Globes, we will certainly enjoy watching it from the comfort of our home!

Go see a movie this month! It's a great escape and can release tension or make you think.....

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Does Heaven Come in a Marshmallow?

With Valentine's Day on the horizon, I had to share some of my most most favorite things. Well, two are favorite V-Day items and another is my MOST FAVORITE CHOCOLATE FIND EH-VER. E.V.E.R, people. EVER.

Belgium Chocolate Covered Marshmallows.

Last season a client-turned-friend, Krystal, and I went gaga crazy and each bought up more tubes than I care to admit. Then along came a certain famous TV family and the mom bought 36 dozen tubes....Not to be outdone, Krystal started bugging me to get them in September. She now holds the record for most tubes ever bought my a single person.
She's my hero.

They are that good. Oversized at about 2", the marshmallow is SO SOFT and SO FRESH it squishes in your mouth while the amazing Belgium Dark Chocolate overtakes you. A small sprinkling of white chocolate merely helps take it to another level.
I've never been so crazy for a chocolate item...if this is all you order, we'll waive the $2 handling fee (typically charged for online orders under $25).
Do your mouth, taste buds, and brain waves a favor.....

Belgium Marshmallow Tube; $16
Approx 7 in each tube.
Available now at

After you've nourished your body, now satisfy your aesthetic soul...

I first spotted this Grand French Heart Soap ($23.75) at the Mason & Objet Paris gift show 2 years ago only to be informed by an upper crust Frenchman "Ve are NOT shipping zis item to the States jesssst yet". This year they DID and we've got 'em.

What's fabulous is not just that they're oversized detailed soap, but they are unscented so no interfering with men's noses or other perfumes or burning candles. They have just a hint of rose hip oil to nourish............all this prettiness comes on a hemp cord. Specially priced for our internet friends at $23.75 (if you come into the store just mention the blog and we'll honor this same price.) Also available at

Last but certainly not least, if you've been in the store you know THIS is my most fave hot chocolate ever.
Les Confitures a l'Ancienne=heaven in a mug

One pound box $16

I brag about it like it's my own brainchild. I am not French. I think you have to be born French and live in France to be given the rights to all-knowing in the world of hot cocoa powder. With every Valentine's order now through Feb 12, we'll throw in a sample packet of this addicting "juice".....

Bring on the HEARTS and LOVE and HUGS and KISSES. We. Are. Ready. For. 'Em!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

French Crosses Noir for January Blessings

A bounty of old, crusty, chipped black crosses unearthed at a market in Normandy.
$63-$160; France circa 1930---- Magnifique!!!

We'd also like to take this opportunity to stop and give a big whopping THANK YOU to our bounty of beautiful, wonderful customers and clients
It is always such a joy dealing with all of you, even if only telephonically or in the virtual world of matter what the situation, you make each day treasured when we get to meet, greet and interact with you.....
{OK, Suzy Sunshine, truth be told: It's not always roses all the time. There are a couple of folks we've met over the years with person very recently was incredibly rude and confrontational to my staff. I'm always taken aback when someone feels they can be mean and catty just because they can't see the person with whom they're talking. HOW SAD!! Negative-energy carriers be gone!)
But TRULY a big thank you to you all....whether you're a celebrity, celebrity handlers, homemaker, teacher, nurse, attorney, business owner....whatever your occupation and wherever you walk on earth...we appreciate all of you. This past year was our best EVER at Vintageweave.......Blessings to you for a bountiful 2009! 

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

May 2009 be full of light, love, health, and the most gorgeous antiques your eyes can muster!

From my home to yours, along the lighted path of beauty.....