Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Islands of Paris: Part II

An interesting and well-travelled client lives on Ille St Louis, where she introduced us to one of our new favorites: Mon Vieil Ami. You simply MUST eat here for traditional and sophisticated food in a modern Paris setting. Visit Notre Dame, then walk over to the other island to eat here for lunch or dinner. Carrot lobster bisque is to die for but surely what ever you order is sure to be outstanding.

Mon Vieil Ami is one the HOT spots so reservations are a MUST;
69, Rue St-Louis-en-L'lle {Metro Stop: Pont Marie}.
01-40-46--1-35 or mon.vieil.ami@wanadoo.fr
Closed Monday and Tuesday lunch, and like most spots in Paris, closed first two weeks of August for their holiday.
Seatings at 7p and 9:30...(be respectful if you're the first seating by being ON TIME.}
The small dining area has dark wood tables and seems to be illuminated only by candlelight although there are dim lighting fixtures thoughout--tres romantique.


Anonymous said...

Thank you! I am headed to Paris in a week and you gave me so many tips but your blog is giving me even more! U R the best!
Andie Michelson

Anonymous said...

You get to go to all the neat places. I'm jealous! but love printing out your tips to place in my PARIS SOMEDAY moleskin I bought from vintage weave!

Anonymous said...

thanx kathy. we ate here last night. it was incredible!!! and so quant and romantic!! hitting all the places you suggested. i think you single handedly planned our entire 4 days in pareeeee! loving it so much. jan b.

Mélanie said...

Thank you for this address . It seems fabulous ! Next time I go to Paris , I go there