Thursday, March 28, 2013

Fur Baby Testimonials

Biscuit and Coco sitting upon vintage French Mattress Ticking Doggie Bed; custom sizes available

Game on! 


Our best testimonials come from the four-legged family members. Send us your favorite shot of yours (or your neighbors!) loving on any Vintageweave treasure (sitting upon, next to, hiding behind, etc). It can be a recent purchase or one made 6 years ago.* If chosen, it will go on our website under our new page TESTIMONIALS (launching soon) and you will receive a gift certificate for $5 per shot. You may send up to four shots! 

Quick Details:

  • Send: your name, your pet's name(s), and the breed.

  • Submit here on this blog, FACEBOOK , TWITTER or e:

  • Cell phone or professional photography shots all accepted. 

  • No watermarks or company logos accepted.

* Lastly, we do have fact checkers. We will check invoice archives so be sure it is an item you actually purchased from us to be considered. If chosen, you will be asked to sign a release for the photo. By submitting you guarantee you have permission to use the photo and grant us permission to do the same. We reserve the right to edit/crop any photo(s) you submit.
Sidney on her antique French circa 1920 pillow

PD Pastis (aka Body by Taco) sitting upon antique French grain bag ottoman 

C'mon and help us build our new website page, TESTIMONIALS!  Because the best thumbs up from shopping with us come from the paws!