Wednesday, April 28, 2010

French Armoire Beauty

What a gorgeous beauty!

This French Armoire (circa 1940) is in GREAT condition and being rented for a catalog photoshoot (a luxury retailer is using it as a prop). Retail price: $3700 but after we complete the rental term, this beauty will be offered at a special price: $2900!

Measures: 83 H x 52 W x 17" Deep; great condition. New Glass has been installed in doors. 3 interior shelves.

Local Delivery available from San Diego to Central Coast. All other deliveries via Freight Carrier (arrives blanket wrapped) $300-$400 throughout Continental U.S. only.

Contact us if interested! It will be in our showroom at week's end.
323.932.0451 or

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Shut up, these Pillows are Amazing!

...and thus a name was born!

(Patchwork Neutral Grain Pillow; 19" square and 12x18" rectangular)

{Rare Print Grain Bag Pillow; Style HORSE 20" sq}

{Patchwork Print Grain Pillow; 20" square}

Fashioned from torn pieces of grain bags, burlap and more...oh SIGH...some going to two clients, some going home with MOI, and some in the boutique. For the fashion forward sofa......

Find them online soon, under TEXTILES, listed as SHUT UP, WHAT AMAZING PILLOWS!

Email us for pricing and available options:

Vintageweave Interiors
Los Angeles

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Loving our Planet

What better way to celebrate EARTH DAY than with RECYCLED BURLAP BAGS...made fresh with stamped French writing?

Vintage+recycled bags gathered from all over the world. While the bags themselves are not French, the inspiration behind the stamping is! 3 fabric-covered button closures on back; each back varies with original ink color from bag. New stamping is all in black on front. Includes poly insert.

Especially love them mixed with Vintage French Ticking....

Currently only available via phone or email.

Vintageweave Interiors
*We ship worldwide via UPS*

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Photos speaking a Thousand French!

One of the perks of this chosen career is meeting artists ...talented, amazing artistic folks. ...those who are on their clear path and journey. Doing what God intended. Leaving a lingering smile when they walk away to create more beauty.

One such artistic eye belongs to the lovely Shani...photographer extraordinaire. Together we shall create some new and exciting chapters for Vintageweave. She's almost as perfect as a Croissant au beurre.

Shani KNOWS France. Having lived there for many moons, she gets what Vintageweave is all about. Shani is perfectly au fait on the ambiance. The essence of our vision is so ideally captured in her photographs that it makes the heart tingle.

Take a sneak peak on her "BLOG" and help us give a lovely hug to our newest member of the "team". We hope you enjoy your virtual visit to our shoppe through the photographs on Shani's gorgeous blog. Imagine the smell wafting through the air of the cup of steaming Mariage Freres Marco Polo tea we have waiting for you at the checkout counter. Consuming the Poilâne butter cookie is optional.

{All photos by Shani-Don't Smile Now}

Friday, April 9, 2010

Gardeners Come Forth!

{Zinc Pot Carriers w/pots; $75 set}

Spring brings out the green thumb in all of us....

When you don't have that much in the way of space (think rooftop deck), want a little window cheer, or need something pretty for the starter plants, these zinc pot carriers fit the bill perfectly!

Modeled after those found in the early 1920's, these newly-devised Zinc Pot Carriers come with the 6 pots (all new). We've sold the antique versions in the past (and still sell the vintage zinc pots!), and were thrilled to discover these fantastic interpretations.

{Antique French Plant Markers; $40/ea. France circa early 1920's}

For those die-hard antique lovers out there who want that certain je ne sais quoi, these antique French slate Plant Markers add so much delight to the vegetable garden or just in their proper simplistic form coming out of a potted plant. Our favorite French antique garden dealer emailed us when she stumbled across them as she knew I'd go ga-ga over their....... well.....Frenchness!

If you're creative with moss and small plants, our French Lace Basket Sets would look amazing with pansies against the French grey wire. Each set comes with 5 in various sizes. The uses around the garden, office, bath and kitchen are endless!
(A set immediately went home with me!)

{French Lace Basket Set (5); $141}

All available now at "" or by 323.932.0451. Ordered with us before? If your card is on file you may merely email your order:
{NOTE: ALL items are on the website under What's New or Green Thumb Le Jardin.}

Happy Gardens Await!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Bistro Me Away

The perfect outdoor, entertaining table.

An extra spot to host the cake and plates....side set up....

Folds up & Stores away. Or sits out like a lovely centerpiece. And how thoughtful are the French that they design it with a perforated top so the rain washes away (or the spilled champagne- quelle horreur!).

A dozen varieties now in stock by calling or emailing us at Vintageweave Interiors
323.932.0415 /

All 36" in three pieces for easy shipping: (7) white, (2) sage, (2) robin's egg blue and (1) black with original rust and wear from parties of long ago.
$695 and up.

{Shown 36" white; $695)

Friday, April 2, 2010

Duckie Duckie

{French Duck Pellet Sachets}

We are textile NUTS at Vintageweave! Can't control the spending whether drooling over vintage crewel lace in Bath, ENGLAND or antique faded linen in Provence, FRANCE. Fortunately for us, there are many of you out there that share our addiction! {But what an addiction it is!}

Enter these small, yet WOW factor textile bags: Vintage French Duck Pellet Cases.

We have hundreds so some may be fashioned into pillow designs, tablecloths.....but for now, we love them chock full of heavenly Lavender. The faded black markings capture the eye and you'd never know the labor intensive washing (5 washings), sanitizing and pressing. These were discovered in horrid condition and smelled of petro, but we saw past all of that and imagined the beauty beneath. The heavenly, nubby-textile beauty!

French Duck Pellet Sachets measure 12 x 5"; $30 Cream Linen; $35 Natural Linen