Sunday, May 4, 2008

Outdoor Retreats

One of my Malibu clients just bought an amazing new home reminiscent of the European countryside. The English/ Provencial setting is abundant with luscious landscaping of lavender, sage, olive trees, lemon trees and heavenly-scented roses. Of course all this pales to the views atop this hillside abode, overlooking Malibu canyon on one side and the Pacific Ocean on the other. She's one of the loveliest people you could ever meet, so it's only fitting that she'd be drawn to such a peaceful and spiritual place.

{When creating outdoor areas for clients, I first rummage through my antique French inventory and check with my French contacts. The VERY next step: I always, always turn to my favorite outdoor furniture source, Janus Et Cie. They stock the best of the best, and their showroom is at the Pacific Design Center on Melrose Avenue -- a mere few streets away--, so I can pop in to "kick the tires" when needed. I've purchased for several clients at Janus and the results are always STUNNING.} Above: Janus Et Cie director's chairs with outdoor fabric in "Canvas".

We're creating several outdoor areas for her, and one such area is based upon her inspirational area/room:

This French daybed (below) from 1920 is stunning and the dark patina is preferred over the white chipping one in the inspirational room above (although both looks work and are wonderful!); I just think the amazing linens and textiles we plan to use will really POP against the darker iron and would only get lost against white. I was so excited to discover it on a recent buying trip.

If you have a favorite outdoor room that you've created we'd love to hear about it!


Anonymous said...

i love-love your finds! I will be in LA next week and you so generously opened the store for me on a Monday. Can you do this again? I will email you. I have been looking for a bed just like the one you show and hopefully you can help. And I need some more apothecary jars (the XL ones). Yours if my favorite store in Los Angeles-no one comes close. Thanks for blogging, Kathey!

Anonymous said...

You said you were getting in this one dark french day bed and one in chippy white. Is the chippy white one still available (you had shown me a picture)? You don't mention it here so I hope it's not sold!! I want! Thanx Melissa B

Anonymous said...

I want it you still have the sail canopy? I will be in town on Saturday. see you then. Can't wait. MY favorite place in town...