Tuesday, June 3, 2008

It's a Rare Thing...

...but sometimes I just can not bring myself to sell my flea market finds....{Click on any photo to enjoy detailing}
For my guest room redo:

{Discover remnants of gorgeous new and vintage French fabrics: check.
Have seamstress and/or FG make into pillows: check.}

{Antique Enamel French Wall Basin}


Natasha Burns said...

Such beautiful goodies, it's no wonder you sometimes have trouble parting with them! That's why I say I'd be useless as an antique dealer, I'd want to keep everything myself!

Barbara Jacksier said...

Hmm, French tea and croissants. Are those always in stock? I've been meaning to stop by to check out all of your gorgeous romantic French goodies when I'm in town

Lisa & Alfie said...

That's why the look of my apartment changes so frequently. I keep finding things I can't live without or give up to my store. Which means I'm always editing items out of my home that I thought I couldn't live without to make room.
Beautiful finds!
Lisa & Alfie