Saturday, June 7, 2008

Afternoon Rituals

At Vintageweave we have a steadfast, must-not-miss ritual:

At 3pm we break from restocking the boutique, rearranging vignettes, taking phone orders, dusting, filling online orders, creating gift baskets, coordinating items from warehouse to boutique, filling out set rental contracts, picking up rentals from studios, coordinating items for memo with designers, shielding clients from intrusive paparazzi, sending product to magazine editors, putting color boards together for design jobs, sending pictures to interested parties...and so on....
We stop...
We take a breath...
....and we indulge in a spot of tea. We do this daily...every day.

It's something we all look forward to...
("Oh let me try Roobis with Mint today"... "I have been craving a good lavender earl grey"...and so on). Every now and then we'll make a run to Sprinkle's or another favorite, Joans on Third, for a red velvet cupcake... or other yummy!

(Steph enjoying a cup of Palias des Thes, green tea with ripe fruits)

Without access to a stove, we turn to our handy dandy plug-in that heats up the water in warp-speed time (never microwave the a funny aftertaste).

(Our ritual spot in the back room)

Contact us to discuss our favorite tea flavor for you to enjoy. We ship same day in most cases, and you can begin your own afternoon tea ritual straightaway!

Or better yet, stop in at this time on any given day and we may just invite you to join us...that is, if you bring us a proper biscuit to enjoy!!


Anonymous said...

Oh, I want to come work for you!!

Kathy said...

c'mon over, Jackie! With as crazy busy as we always are, we can always use the extra hand!!!