Monday, June 2, 2008

Dream Provencial Bathroom

(Click photo to enlarge if you can't see full room)
I love EVERYTHING about this bathroom! Well....Ok, so I would change a few things:

Add a couple of off-white or ecru cotton rugs to the floor;
Definately add a little table that houses a TON of burning candles;
Add one strategically-placed petite French chair;
Switch out Palm plant for a hydrangea plant.

So other than THAT: I'm ready to draw my bath.
Don't you love the white washing of the wood tub surround? And the amazing use of fabric? And the gorgeous floral motif INSIDE the tub? and the floors? and the antique mercury globes surrounding the room? And the crystal sconce- similar to the version sold at Vintageweave- near the sink?
(Photo: Living in Provence by Taschen books)


vosgesparis said...

I was just on my way out and tada you made a new post ;) I really agree with you about the bathroom .. I love the walls.. Duh they are grey wich is my absolute favorite colouor at t eh moment, and you are so right.. tons of candles should be everywhere in the house!

Country French Antiques said...

Love that colour!!
I get the feeling that France has spoiled us both. Am I right?
I know it has me.
Wonderful photo!
PS Love your blog!