Monday, June 16, 2008

Break out the Brushes

This makes me want to paint..........!! (and not just another shade of sage green on a bedroom wall or vintage white on a bathroom ceiling!!)

Yes, the famous Giverny, as in Claude Monet's....a magical place I've oddly never visited despite my many travels within proximity.

If you've never painted-let's start together! You have all week to try a new craft...
Life is short.
Decorate a canvas.
I hear it's highly therapeutic and since art is subjective, there are no rules! For more inspiration, visit the highly-talented designs of Paris Breakfasts. I especially love her Parisian-themed table settings entitled Macarons Abroad and Angelina Mont Blanc. I hope to use one of her watercolors in an upcoming set design surrounding a Parisian cafe for a feature film. Mmmmmm....

(Picture courtesy el ca blog, photography Christine Pi)


Anonymous said... I was apparently there when i was 5 but don't remember.

The Paris Apartment said...

That's someplace I've always wanted to go too. Are you really going to paint? Oil or water color? I love Paris Breakfasts too, she really captures a moment. I'm inspired to try!

Anonymous said...

Ok i'm game!! I stopped by the art store this morn and bought a little 5x7 and some oil tubes in pinks, blues, purples and yellows! I need a litlle something to get me through the week/distract me while I await my hubby's return from Europe.
Thanks for the idea, Kath.
Lisa Jay