Friday, June 6, 2008

Industrial Parts Planting v1

Create a vignette in a small corner of your garden. Incorporate some industrial for spiked personality!

Love the serenity of green.
Mother Nature in her truest form.
Juxtapose the roughness of these vintage machine part bins with the softness of nature.
Yesteryear, holes in the bottom allowed grease to spill from the oiled parts. Today, these allow good drainage making a perfect planter for succulents! ($140 w/o plants at

A starter planter at the boutique....

Vintage and rusted metal machine parts trolley (this would go up on down pulleys taking parts from one part of the mill to the other)...($105 at

Not a green thumb? Try these on for size..can you believe? They are PLASTIC succulents (and the best we've ever seen!)

A still life of garden pots inside an industrial bin is our favorite for punch in any garden. We love stacking a few of these mini French pots just in the dirt of a larger planter whose "residents" haven't quite filled in yet.

(First photo: The New French Decor)

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Anonymous said...

what a great idea kathy. howmany of the trolly thingies do you have in stock? i would like to hang from a clothesline for a dad's day party next weekend (but filled with daises, my father's fave flower)