Wednesday, June 4, 2008

July 4th Preparations

Every year we have the most fun designing the ambiance for a client's annual 4th of July Beach Extravaganza. She has an incredible beachfront property, and each July 4th Malibu rewards its residents with a most spectacular fireworks display to behold {you know, because just LIVING in Malibu isn't reward enough.}

She's a huge lover of the flea market look so imagine our delight when we found several of these 1920's French enamel blue tables! Unfortunately they are too small for our needs so we'll only be using one or two to house the towers of cupcakes and brownies. (Several similar sets available at Vintageweave! Each square table come with two blue chairs.)

I squealed upon unearthing about 50 of these fantastic red and blue antique Grain Sacks. There are ten tables and these will serve as runners ($65/ea)--aren't they wonderful??

European enamelware in reds and blues and whites filled with colorful tinsel sparklers alongside glow light "sparklers" for use by the kids will complete the look.

Vintage french tea towels, which we'll monogram with her initials in old-world style fonts of red thread, will wrap around inexpensive glass vases from the floral supply.

Also incorporating several dozen of these red and blue cotton woven pillows. These just arrived to the boutique and we're gaga crazy for them! 26" Pillows w/ down feather insert: $75

Buckets of corn with greens still attached, pulled before they turn gold, will fill zinc pots throughout the buffet tables. {You can get these directly from any local farmer}

Last but not least, the thoughtful party favor for each family in attendance. This will be filled with a beach towel and several toiletries such as suntan lotion, travel size wipes, etc:

Never too early to plan your own backyard, beach or park event! Most items shown here are available in multiples so contact us soon: or


Marie Louise said...

Wow - sounds like an incredible party. I used to live in France and am also a sucker for all the simple french linens. Love the look you've put together!

Anonymous said...

Oh my God...could I attend just for the visual presentation?? I don't even need the fireworks OR the brownies. Kathy's visual stimulation is enough!

Anonymous said...

OH MY! OH MY! Kathy: I know you are too busy to another event like this, but could I possibly buy two of all the things you show, and if you have any zinc type pots or pitcher. I will do a smaller version of this in good ol' Oregon! Lisa Jay

vosgesparis said...

great things I like the table cloth thingie on the tables , aswell as the tables ;)) Your bag of goodies reminds me f the basket I made for my sisters birthday...

High Desert Diva said...

Wonderful party details. I'm sure it will be a hit. What a fun job!

Glad my blog post was able to make you laugh (or snort coke through your nose)!

Marja Kristiina said...

Hi Kathy! Thanks so much for visiting and for leaving such a nice comment!

I LOVE your hemp linen items!!! Those are nearly impossible to come by in my country so eBay has proven to be my best source for vintage textiles. Not exactly inexpensive but that's the price I pay, in both senses of the word :-)

Take care!

Kathy said...

Thanks, guys! Valerie in Finland has also added to the ideas and one I plan to use: copying b/w photos to use as the gift tags. I will do a twist on this idea by taking a variety photos of her kids for use as napkin "rings". Another photo of the entire family in b/w will serve as the party favor tag! Thanks, Val!
Appreciate the comments everyone--this is always a fun project for me!

Anonymous said...

this is amazing, kathy!!!! i'd love to hire you. i wouldn't need you on the day of the event so hopefully it won't conflict with the client you mention here, but would like to talk about doing a bunch of these ideas for my beach party. I'll call you tomorrow or you have my numbers. T

Anonymous said...

Absolutely stunning. You go girl.
Your style is unique and so very you.