Sunday, June 1, 2008

Hemp Picnic Party

About 19 months ago we made up a large custom order for a client ...
30" square hemp pillows w/flange trim & luxurious down feather inserts.
Full size hemp feather bed coverlet to be used as a comfy picnic blanket.
We were told the items were being used for a photo shoot.
We made them.
They paid.
We never heard another word.
Until this week.....

We were given a tip that our items were used in this magazine shoot for our favorite magazine, GARDEN DESIGNS. We weren't credited but no matter as she paid the entire enchilada for them so she need not credit us. We're just tickled pink at the use!

Doesn't this make you want to go on a picnic???!
(Photo: Garden Designs)


vosgesparis said...

hi there thanks for visiting, I am really wondering how on earth you find me ;) But I am glad you did as I really liked this little visit to your blog. I will write a link to it on my blog ;)

PS It does makes me want to go on a picnic, A la prochaine!
greetings from Holland, Desiree

Molly W. said...

SO pretty Kathy!!