Thursday, March 25, 2010

Chickie, Chickie Chickenwire

During my last three trips to France (over last 15 months), I spied chicken wire cloches in retail stores, at the Paris Maison & Objet gift show and in window displays at patisseries. In one such display, the cloches were down the middle of a long farmhouse table with burning votives underneath and the light down low....WOW. Instantly fell in love!

Fast forward to this past summer where my dad and I sat in the workshop attempting to create our own. After a couple of hours of cut-up hands and snagged clothing, we realized it was a lot harder than it looked to get the wire to match up around the diameter. Our results were so lopsided!

{Chickenwire Cloche Set -3; $69; includes metal zinc base}

Imagine my happy-happy smiles when I could finally find a way to bring them to the States that weren't going to cost an arm and a leg (the first artist whom I found would translate to a triple cost after shipping, customs, etc).

A party planner called recently after a bride saw them in the boutique...said bride is now going to plan her farmhouse wedding theme around them! What fun!
Each set includes a metal base. Now available at "Vintageweave Interiors" under What's New and Green Thumb/Le Jardin pages.

{Note: these have been selling like MAD, but new supplies shipping in weekly. If you have a bulk order,(+15) please call or email so that we may properly meet your event time frame: 323.932.0451 or}


Meg/ Garden Designs said...

Just placed my order for 10! Can not wait to use them in my client's designs and around the plantings!

Cheryl ~ Casual Cottage Chic said...

Received my order today...they are so charming! Many thanks for the quick shipping, too.