Saturday, March 13, 2010

Gimme' More Mercury, Please!

I laughed at a recent email received from a regular client of ours who resides on the East Coast:

"Dear Kathy and Staff: I received yet another treasure chest box from you today and fell in love with everything. I have been logging onto your website every couple of days to see what other things I absolutely need to buy and hide from my husband. Please leave the comforts of your home and go off searching for mo' stuff to feed my addition. Cuz I need Mo Mercury, please!"

{She actually wrote "addition" but we're not sure if she meant "addiction"!!}
Crazy Lady! We love you, Ginger!

To comply, here's a sampling of the latest offerings of this delightful silvery goodness:
{St Germain Candlestick}

{Back by popular demand, Mercury Petal Votive--a favorite with event planners and brides!}

{9" Mercury Pedestal Plate}

{St Germain Candlesticks...wowsy!}

{Mercury Floral Hurricane -available in large shown and a medium size}

{Tulip Vase--just yesterday ordered in large bulk for a wedding, we have very few remaining before this one is retired}

{Normandy Candlesticks available in Tall, Medium and Short; Tall is shown in very first photo in this blog post. This style is NOT distressed as our other offerings always are....}

All pricing and sizes available within descriptions of each item on the website, found under SHOP NOW and in pages MERCURY GLASS as well as WHAT'S NEW......""


natalie. beyond the reef said...

St. Germain, Normandy and to choose, how to choose...oh, wait. You've just shown us how lovely they all look together!!

Mardan said...

I am so in love with silver mercury too. Just placed an online order for more and can't wait to get your beautiful treasures as it is like Christmas come early when UPS man shows up with a vintage weave package!

Li said...

SO PRETTY! ps my package arrived nicely to Singapore today. Merci to all who wrapped so perfectly since all glass safe and more beautiful in person.

vosgesparis said...

I had the same addiction for some time and when I had the biggest one of the shop I kinda thought it was enough haha