Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring has Sprung!

{English Antique Rose Markers- Classic; $33/ea}

In Southern California 'tis true: it's pretty darn beautiful year round. That said, there's simply something special about the arrival of Spring regardless of where you rest your feet....Hawaii, Provence, Lake Como, Los Angeles, Chicago....
  1. My dogs frolic more freely;
  2. Birds chirp louder;
  3. Spring Air smells cleaner;
  4. Potting soil cooperates;
  5. New buds stand taller;
  6. The day is longer!
Just in time for Spring plantings, my favorite English Garden Antiques Dealer spied these lovelies.....
Nestled in Central England, the bounty is vast and mind-boggling. We think English garden ware pairs perfectly with French lavender, sage and rosemary, n'est-ce pas?

{English Antique Rose Marker - Large; $39/ea}

Available in Antiques Section at "Vintageweave Interiors"

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