Wednesday, January 7, 2009

French Crosses Noir for January Blessings

A bounty of old, crusty, chipped black crosses unearthed at a market in Normandy.
$63-$160; France circa 1930---- Magnifique!!!

We'd also like to take this opportunity to stop and give a big whopping THANK YOU to our bounty of beautiful, wonderful customers and clients
It is always such a joy dealing with all of you, even if only telephonically or in the virtual world of matter what the situation, you make each day treasured when we get to meet, greet and interact with you.....
{OK, Suzy Sunshine, truth be told: It's not always roses all the time. There are a couple of folks we've met over the years with person very recently was incredibly rude and confrontational to my staff. I'm always taken aback when someone feels they can be mean and catty just because they can't see the person with whom they're talking. HOW SAD!! Negative-energy carriers be gone!)
But TRULY a big thank you to you all....whether you're a celebrity, celebrity handlers, homemaker, teacher, nurse, attorney, business owner....whatever your occupation and wherever you walk on earth...we appreciate all of you. This past year was our best EVER at Vintageweave.......Blessings to you for a bountiful 2009! 


Anonymous said...

Although I live across the country from your shop and my contacts are only via Email I must say everyone has been incredibly warm and helpful. Can't understand how anyone could get stirred up while shopping for such lovely things. As my Grandma used to say.... just let it roll off like water on a duck's back... and know many of us dearly appreciate all you do.

Anonymous said...

kathy and staff: i worked in retail this past christmas season and would never do it again. i've always been known as the calm, cool one in my family. OMG i'm still reeling over how rude people were to me because they saw me as 'dumb retail clerk'. With all going on in the world, I couldn't believe someone could get upset over something so small.
i buy all over the internet and in stores. your customer service if by far so amazingly wonderful. can't please 'em all!
PS I am loving the black stand crosses!

Anonymous said...

Kathy, I've rec'd nothing but superior service from you & your kind staff (whether I've purchased an item or not). I was a nurse & before that wk'd all over in retail inc.Neiman Marcus...and you all are some of the nicest I've ever come across. Hey, talk to me about the zinc pitcher/holder in the photo w/the crosses! (LUV zinc w/labels). =)

Anonymous said...

I own a store. At times it is an absolute NECESSITY of owning a retail store to tell a rude customer "Please don't shop here again. We no longer desire your business".
If someone wishes to dispute a perfectly spelled out policy anyway, they should remember that SUGAR ALWAYS WINS OUT OVER VINEGAR! I always tend to bend the rules to the really nice ones, even if it will end up costing me.

From experience with you, I know you are exactly the same! I bought something in error online and even though I bought 24 o them, you took them back after I nicely explained my story of how it happened.

PS I just bought one of the black crosses-love them. Love your store!

Anonymous said...

Whoever said the Customer Is Always Right was living in a bubble. I will never understand how folks can get worked up over something that doesn't involve the life of their child, loved one or stocks!
There's a reason bars have signs "We refuse to service Service to certain patrons".

I was in your store once where a lady was being rude and arrogant YET you guys stayed so nice to her. After she left I heard you say "take her off the mailing list; no sale alerts for her" hahaha. i loved it.

Anonymous said...

So sorry you have had to deal with the likes of such people. At Christmas time I was in a store and the sales clerk was waiting on two women who were very arrogant and conscending to her. It was my turn after them and she was not to happy. I asked her how her day was and she told me sales were down and instead of two people to take care of customers, she had to take care of the customers by herself. Before I left the store she thanked me for asking her how her day was and smiled.

"Sugar over Vinegar everytime".
You never know until you ask.

Sending you and your staff many thanks for all of the kind and thoughtful attention to our orders and questions. It is like I have said before; "Your good fortune comes from your willingness to treat everyone with the same consideration and respect regardless of who they are and where they come from.

Hugs to you,

Anonymous said...

You're a confident lady: you KNOW you have amazing customer service . I mean you actually take the time and energy to TRAIN your employees. I've seen that black employee manual. I agree--walk away and say NO MAS to the rude ones. Who needs 'em.

Now onto the important stuff: I wANT THAT MARY SANTOS IN THE LAST PICTURE. EMAIL/CALL something me! I want it badly!