Thursday, January 8, 2009

Does Heaven Come in a Marshmallow?

With Valentine's Day on the horizon, I had to share some of my most most favorite things. Well, two are favorite V-Day items and another is my MOST FAVORITE CHOCOLATE FIND EH-VER. E.V.E.R, people. EVER.

Belgium Chocolate Covered Marshmallows.

Last season a client-turned-friend, Krystal, and I went gaga crazy and each bought up more tubes than I care to admit. Then along came a certain famous TV family and the mom bought 36 dozen tubes....Not to be outdone, Krystal started bugging me to get them in September. She now holds the record for most tubes ever bought my a single person.
She's my hero.

They are that good. Oversized at about 2", the marshmallow is SO SOFT and SO FRESH it squishes in your mouth while the amazing Belgium Dark Chocolate overtakes you. A small sprinkling of white chocolate merely helps take it to another level.
I've never been so crazy for a chocolate item...if this is all you order, we'll waive the $2 handling fee (typically charged for online orders under $25).
Do your mouth, taste buds, and brain waves a favor.....

Belgium Marshmallow Tube; $16
Approx 7 in each tube.
Available now at

After you've nourished your body, now satisfy your aesthetic soul...

I first spotted this Grand French Heart Soap ($23.75) at the Mason & Objet Paris gift show 2 years ago only to be informed by an upper crust Frenchman "Ve are NOT shipping zis item to the States jesssst yet". This year they DID and we've got 'em.

What's fabulous is not just that they're oversized detailed soap, but they are unscented so no interfering with men's noses or other perfumes or burning candles. They have just a hint of rose hip oil to nourish............all this prettiness comes on a hemp cord. Specially priced for our internet friends at $23.75 (if you come into the store just mention the blog and we'll honor this same price.) Also available at

Last but certainly not least, if you've been in the store you know THIS is my most fave hot chocolate ever.
Les Confitures a l'Ancienne=heaven in a mug

One pound box $16

I brag about it like it's my own brainchild. I am not French. I think you have to be born French and live in France to be given the rights to all-knowing in the world of hot cocoa powder. With every Valentine's order now through Feb 12, we'll throw in a sample packet of this addicting "juice".....

Bring on the HEARTS and LOVE and HUGS and KISSES. We. Are. Ready. For. 'Em!


Fifi Flowers said...

My heaven I hope comes in dark chocolat! This post is YUMMY!
Hope you are doing well!

Anonymous said...

you kill me! I loved this post!
bring on the hugs and kisses alreight and more back at ya'. I ordered a couple tubes of the marshmellows and trust your judgement. Can't wait to try them!

High Desert Diva said...

Damn chocolate allergy...the soap looks nice...

Anonymous said...

I got my marshmallows today. OMG. heaven is right!!! Just ordered more!

Taya Pollard said...

Appreciate the time you took to write this