Saturday, January 31, 2009

Grain Sacks Tres Bon

You won't BELIEVE what our favorite French atelier is up to with our beloved vintage grain sacks......(trust us...this doesn't even begin to show you what they've done. We can't show the designs JUST yet...but imagine leather handles on beach totes, grain bag handles on market totes, messenger bags....all repurposing these beloved vintage grain bags.

Totes Coming in Spring!

We've loaded up on a TON of grains sacks and many, many creations forthcoming.... (

Of course, we also stay TRES busy selling these beauties in their original form...grain sacks and wagon covers...

New Inventory in NOW!
French Grain Bags available online soon at but can be obtained NOW by emailing or calling 323.932.0451 (Los Angeles) with your requested colorway


Anonymous said...

Looks like you struck it rich!!. Been checking out your shop. Glad you are home.


Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see what supply you have in the boutique. I'm looking for about five in the red stripe, and one yellow and one purple. Glad you're back (I just placed an order online for one of your new lovelies!!!).
-vintageweave's biggest fan-ljay

Anonymous said...

kathy you brought some stuff i want so far. anxious to see the other stuff. I placed an order online too.
welcome back. your posts were missed her in nyc!

Anonymous said...

Can not wait ofr the Grain Bag Totles you mentioned in this post! Show more pictures please! I have emailed you with my wish for grain bag colors. Thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

i just got my yellow and blue...thank you for fast, fast shipping and having BEST product, Kathy and staff!

Anonymous said...

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