Sunday, January 11, 2009

Golden Ticket

We had a fun week creating many Golden Globe-related gift baskets. Each was personalized and tailored to a specific movie depending on what role the recipient played in what movie....whether a hairdresser, agent, casting, producer, or talent.......

A popular theme was starting with a base of our Paris Coffee Lovers Basket............if you LOVE coffee, you will LOVE this selection of amazing Cote Bastide Coffee Candle (oh heaven) and Hediard Ground Coffee and a selection of CD's by Putamaya (one being a collection of songs from well-known coffee bean countries such as Brazil.)
{We were especially thrilled to be able to create a basket which included a pair of tickets to Brazil along with a letter of congratulations on securing a part in a movie soon to start filming in!}

Hollywood is in the throws of its frenzied awards season.....Bravo for the Cinema!

While we don't have a golden ticket to attend the Globes, we will certainly enjoy watching it from the comfort of our home!

Go see a movie this month! It's a great escape and can release tension or make you think.....


Anonymous said...

I. Want. Your. Job.
Need Assistant?
Will work for CHEAP (not free, but like minimum wage cheap)!
Seriously, Kath! Maggie is back at school and I have free time.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a great time making up all the celeb's and staff's baskets....That Cote candle "coffee" sounds divine!!