Wednesday, October 21, 2009

French Linen, Cote Bastide Style

{Cote Bastide Lin Naturel Tablecloth; $289}

New linens from Cote Bastide are in the house!

As with most Cote Bastide items, our drool bucket runneth over.....this beauty was spotted and the Paris show and I couldn't wait to get my hands on one for my own home. I bought three at the Paris retail store and two clients snapped them up immediately (one went home with me NATURALLY).

Fits a table for 6 or 8 at 200 x 160 cm. In Cote Bastide's signature linen, this washes up beautifully in the cold cycle and line dries. Don't you just love the soft black writing?? All stamped with "100% Lin Naturel" in French, American and Italian.

I'm crazy for the colors of linen, black and red....this designer stamp in red on bottom right is so simply French....details like this make me smile wide.

Before you thought it didn't get any better, offerings coming soon in a to-die-for Apron and lushly-thick linen TEA TOWELS!

This classic Cote Bastide pure linen tea towels {red stripe or blue stripe} is a monthly sellout.

The runner offered in each of the colors is fantastic, but the newest offering is especially OH LA LA: A TIE TAB CURTAIN! Same pure linen. Same Cote Bastide quality textile. (Curtain currently available in only blue stripe).
{CB Proterie Blue Stripe Linen Curtain; $149}

My kitchen is officially in love! A bevy of more love is available at VINTAGEWEAVE.COM


Lisa Jay said...

i, too, am in looooooooooove! fabbulous!
Lisa J

Cheryl ~ Casual Cottage Chic said...

You are definitely a FRANCOPHILE!

caren said...

I absolutely adore everything you have in your store! Have you heard any more from Kris?

Mia said...

We in FINLAND loves all these pretties things! Thank you for shipping to FINLAND!

Anonymous said...

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