Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Glittermania + Celebrity Spotlight

{3 foot Table Top Bejewelled Eiffel; also available in 5 and 7 foot}

Real German Glass Glitter is such a favorite, mainly because after it's exposd to air for a period of time it takes on a gorgeous antiqued patina: from Shiny silver to Gorgeous Gold-ish.

One of our favorite artists in this arena is the uber-talented Wendy Addison. Her creations always fly out the door.....

Sharon Osbourne is a fan, too. While many of the treasures Sharon buys from us are one-of-a kind, she's a big fan of Eiffel Towers, like the 3 foot one she purchased above. But she also loves the German Glass Glitter ones, too. Some of her favorite glittery Eiffels:

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1 comment:

Lisa Jay said...

love that lady and wish her daughter would have won DWTS. I have bought many eiffels from you but the middle one is new. WIll be in soon!