Friday, November 6, 2009

Serviettes - Très bon!

{Rooster: Ferme de la Colline Serviettes: $15/two packages of 20)

Pretty table dressing, just like in the Turkey, deserves something special!

{Hillside Dairy Brown Cow: Etable due Coteau}

Swoon if you must, we're right there with you! These packages of 20 paper napkins are sold in pairs, in any combo you desire! Three-ply and chlorine free.
I'm almost embarrassed to admit that I'm planning a themed dinner party around the diary cows! I love them all!

And when the table itself needs a refresher, try this on for size. Cotton and fully machine washable. Plus the lovely embroidery is just that, embroidered, and not silk screened. {We wouldn't dare do that to your table!}

{Bon Appétit Cotton Tablecloth; $120 for a 60 x98 cotton beauty}

Très bon appétit!


Missy's Events said...

Love you guys! Thank you, Kathy, for accommodating my request for all the Rooster ones! They will be perfect for our event!
Missy M.

Jerry Long (MI) said...

These are so cute!! I wannt some!

Gypsy Purple said...

Please see my blog where I mentioned you in my post on burlap ...Chamara

Kathy said...

Thanks, Chamara--your blog is a delight and I swooned over the burlap post! WOW!