Saturday, October 17, 2009

Beauty from France's Cemeteries

Scattered throughout France are Cemetery Crosses from the late 1800's and early 1900's. These are sold to professional dealers as new cemeteries are designed; these crosses are NOT from plots but from the walkways and buildings. Some come from old church pathways.

Heavy cast iron, these beauties carry their original patina, but often not their original form....much breakage has occurred over the years leaving the most glorious remnants!! We think it creates an even more-perfect decorating solution for little nooks, above doorways, ON doors....well, the possibilities are endless.

Of course, we have many of these Cemetery Crosses still intact at the Vintageweave Interiors boutique; contact us for details if interested. These are professionally shipped by one of our preferred carriers in a custom-made crate, thus no breakage occurs en route to your home. AND so long as you have a professional contractor to hang their heavenly heavy bases for you, you may enjoy them in your garden or outdoor patio. (Each fully intact cross weighs approx 35-85 lbs depending on size.)

A narrow wall in a retro black and red kitchen creates a perfect spot for a black remnant....

My most favorite home for these remnants: on a gate door!! My signature touch for many clients! Affix with appropriate screws on top and bottom so remnant does not move when gate door opens/closes. {TIP: place appropriate paint color on your index finger and dab on the screw to hide the silvery newness of the screw.}

Some new additions at the brick and mortar boutique and online boutique.....

Click on any picture to enlarge and shop for available remnants (inventory comes in frequently) at Vintageweave Interiors or contact us for fully-intact crosses.


Cheryl ~ Casual Cottage Chic said...

FABULOUS!!! I have just got to get up to your shop during the week when you are open to the public {hate to drive in LA traffic however so I shop!}. You have the most wonderful selection of French items for decorating home or garden. If you get down to Temecula {wine country} do stop by Serendipity Antiques in Old Town.

A.G. said...

I agree with Cheryl whole heartedly. I feel lucky to be in Malibu where it's not that bad of a drive during certain hours or when it is not raining! I love these and have one of your french crosses in my garden. it's massive and heavy and grand! makes my garden! You make me smile, kathy!

Lisa Jay said...

OHHHHHHH LAAAAA LAAAAA! New fan of these and I'm Jewish!
Lisa Jay

Meg/Garden Designs said...

Girl-you know I am in love with these also since I buy buy buy them up from you as MY SIGNATURE design flair! Gardens across Northern Cal are enjoying your eye (ahem, not to mention mine, if I might add).