Tuesday, December 15, 2009

One can not cook with an ugly pot!

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During one of my magical trips to St Tropez, I participated in a bistro cooking class. I'll never forget overhearing an instructor comment to a colleague "I can not cook with an ugly pot!" as she grabbed a copper tureen. I loved this! This past March I added to my own copper pot collection, a cocette ronde a couv (round concotte with lid) with a visit to my favorite Paris haunt, a chef's paradise:
"E Dehillerin"

Tucked away in the south of France is a cozy, blue kitchen with a simple
wooden table in the center and a door leading quietly out to a back garden. The
walls are covered in hanging antique objects--egg beaters, ladles, a
pewter pans (all in perpetual use)--and shelves are crammed with vintage china
and colorful pottery bowls (the ones wiht the cracks and chips have the most
character). It is one of the most welcoming kitchens I have ever seen
--and some of the most welcoming food you can imagine comes out of it."

The above and below quotes are favorite excepts from
"The Country Cooking of France" ~ Anne Willan
"I can do everything by hand--with a mortar and pestle, a knife, a
whisk--it's so much more sensual

Call us or order online this incredible book--a delight for the tummy and the eyes! Chock full of gorgeous pictures and interesting tidbits surrounding the country cooking style of the south of France.

11.5 x 8.5 hardcover; $49
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vosgesparis said...

looks like a great book ;)

Lisa Jay said...

I just called to order it! Can't wait for it to arrive. Merry Christms to me!!!!!!!!!!!!

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