Friday, October 30, 2009


As the air gets brisk, scatter rugs become essential not just aesthetic!
We've been waiting and waiting and begging and begging, and finally our friends at Dash & Albert succumbed: a ticking in BLACK.
Black Birmingham Ticking is our new fave!~

Available NOW at in the following array of sizes:
2 x 3.............4 x 6.........6 x 9.........8 x 10..........9 x 12 well as perfect runners of 8 and 12 foot long.
Equally wonderful for the floor or your wall are these new La Croix Jute/Burlap Rugs. Because they are nice and thin and have a SUPER tight weave, they aren't itchy. This makes them pretty wonderful as a topper for the long dining room table, too! (We layered ours by angling it over a extra large white simple cotton cloth))

{La Croix Jute Rug; in 30 x 60 rug or 20 x 60 runner}


Cheryl ~ Casual Cottage Chic said...

Love the idea of using the burlap "rug" runner on the dining table with a white linen tablecloth...simply fabulous! FYI...I have a very similar tall basket as shown in the picture; it is from Switzerland and was used to carry miliarty shell casings {mine has wood on the bottom with round holes for the casings to fit into. Canvas handles on each narrow side. Do you have anymore of these??

Janie McCormack said...

I can't wait to get the jute rug and runner I ordrered today.
And I'm waiting for my hubby to return from biz trip to help decide what size of the black ticking. you and I talked about this 3 mos ago and so excited to see it's arrived! I'm thinking a 9x12 so can that be ordered and how long would it take?

Lisa Jay said...

LOVE IT ALLll! Placed my order this morn!

jules said...

love the rug...jules

Kathy said...

Thanks for the amazing orders, EVERYONE!!! We've sold out twice already and replenished now for a third. Tickled pink you are gaga for these just as I am!

Cheryl--we LOVE the artillery baskets,too! Carry them from time to time when I can find them but haven't had any for about 3 months. May have luck securing more on my Jan France buying trip!

Janie--Your 9x12 will be in tomorrow. Thanks for the sweet voicemail yesterday!