Friday, November 21, 2008

Antique Wicker Wine Jug Redux

A new way to incorporate highly-popular glass jugs wrapped in wicker......

We have a hard time keeping the wicker bottles in stock, and now we have a new treasure for your WISH LIST!

The trick is using lots of good quality (i.e. expensive) metal to solder the crystals so they don't move or become so delicate that you are unable to let anyone touch them! These are my most favorite yet!

$295-$2,000....pop in the boutique or check out part of our collection here online

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Anonymous said...

Those are absolutely stunning!! What a clever idea! Kathy, you never cease to amaze me!!

Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

OMG these are AMAZING! i want, i want!
Lisa Jay

Kathy said...

I love these, too, you guys! However, I can only take credit for finding the amazing artist whose hands created them....I did not make them!

Anonymous said...

We've got to have one! off to your site now or else you will be getting a phone call from me. Thanks vintageweave!

Anonymous said...

Incredibly gorgeous. Really, really, gorgeous.
Kevin D.