Saturday, November 29, 2008

Holiday Glitter

(GLITTER TAGS; Set of 9 for $22.50}

If you're looking to add just a touch of glitter to your packages or holiday decor, these are just the ticket. I love using them to tie on a package, outside a stocking, or even as placecards for a tablesetting! Sold as a set of 9 giving you 3 each of the holiday -related tags, and 1 each of the every day tags. However, special combo requests are always welcomed so long as we have what you are looking for in stock!  

Sold under Paper Studio at Each tag is approx 4-7" wide. {NOTE: the picture is not yet shown on the website shop site but THESE are what you are ordering: the set of 9 tags for $22.50 listed as the last item under Paper Studio as Glitter Tags}

If you'd like to order an extra tag or two along with the Set of 9, just let us know in the Comments Section!

Happy Decorating! Paper Studio at Vintageweave


Anonymous said...

Hey Kathy,
I can't seem to find those Christmas tags under Paper Studio? I would like to order some... how much are they?


Kathy said...

Sorry everyone...the pic isn't loading properly on the website but the pic shown here on the blog ARE THE TAGS. Each set of 9 includes three each of the holiday tags (two styles) and one of each of the everyday tags (3 styles). Click on PAPER STUDIO to get the website link, go to SHOP NOW and then PAPER STUDIO page. The Glitter Tags are the last item listed.

Anonymous said...

Ok i found them. thnkx.

Anonymous said...

Ok i ordered 6 packs i hope this is not a problem to send to me in NYC by next Friday. I love your items!!!!

Anonymous said...

Kathy: These are really great. I bought 10 of the Merry Christmas and several of the Seasons Greetings when I was there this wknd visiting from NYC, but I didn't see the other styles. I love them! Off to order more...
PS I can't wait to give my gifts to friends! You have such amazing finds. They will love the vintage madonnas miniatures.

Anonymous said...


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